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May 1 2012 at 12:12 AM
Sasquatch  (Login wyosasquatch)

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I needed to sharpen the blades on the riding lawn mower. I didn't have a way to jack the thing up to get to the mower deck. I thought about making a quick lift out of leftover angle iron that would attach to the lifting points on the front of the frame but that would have taken all kinds of time for a simple project. A few judiciously placed chains, a 4 ton come along, a little baling wire and some good ole redneck engineering later and I could get under the mower deck easily and got the job done.

The 1/2" transport chain at the top was a little over the top for the application but it was handy. The 3/8" log chain on the mower was almost too light for the job. The come along had to strain to do the heavy lifting. The loops of baling wire holding the log chain to the mower were the real lynch pin in the whole assembly. I tripled the baling wire loops for safety sake.

Safety third.


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