james you are a laid back individual

May 18 2012 at 8:32 AM
chuck  (Login charlie9g)

Response to What percentage of the population had jobs working for someone eles

and as such don't talk about yourself, but if you wouldn't mind relate your work history, the outfits you were with, the projects you were involved in, and the skill sets that were either brought to bear or developed.
it makes me stomach sick to see outrageously qualified and probably over qualified people whose jobs have disappeared at least partly by unlawful manipulations from upstairs.
i know you wanted to find a job. when a four square citizen like you decides he's going to be a backyard shed businessman, that's some pretty big news. i'd like to congratulate you on taking your destiny into your own hands. i've followed your saga the little bits you've related and know you're going to be successful.

small caliber joy

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