Toxic boss syndrome...

May 20 2012 at 6:50 AM
Victor3  (Login Victor3)

They recently promoted a lady at work to manager. This woman has become one of the most vile human beings I've ever met. Only reason she got the job was to serve as backfill for another manager who was promoted. She'd never even supervised people before and we could tell right away that she could hardly 'manage' to make herself a sandwich. Her departments haven't made their monthly goals once in the year she's been in the position, and somehow it's always her direct reports' fault. She rips 'em up one side and down the other and has been reported to HR for her abusive behavior by every one of them. It's been a horror movie for these poor folks. Unfortunately, the guy who promoted her is protecting her, not wanting to look bad for puting her into the position.

One of the supervisors under her, a guy I've worked with for 26 years who used to report to me, has gone from a model employee to one who recently told me, "Screw it. As long as she's here I'm just gonna do the minimum to keep my job." He rarely took a day off previously but has been out on medical leave for a total of two months in the past year. Another guy who's going to retire shortly went out on medical six months ago and is milking it until his retirement date.

The other day, someone found this article and placed a bunch of copies around this lady's departments. I'm sure she's wanting to find out who did it so she can write them up (one of her favorite activities) for distributing non-company approved literature...

It's really sad that some companies still don't see that "terror management" is bad for buisiness. Several places I'm familiar with not only tolerate it, but encourage it. It may have worked 75 years ago but today, not so much.

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