How do yo survive TEEN AGERS !!!

May 21 2012 at 11:02 PM
Nies  (Login jimineecricket)

Man my kids are both so tring my patience. One caught taking money out of moms wallet! Now the other who never lied is starting to lie. This time both my kids got the same fan last year my sons started not working right. So me and my daughter go to archery tonight and magically her fan has the same issues his did and his is now working fine. I asked him and he says he fixed it. I said funny Amandas fan is doing the same thing yours was. He had that blank look on his face. Isaid how dod you fix it. He said I he just spinns it and then it works. So tomorrow I will be veriying it and swtiching them back and secretely marking them as to see if I get lied to again!

Then on top of it all the constant bickering back and forth! They have no respect or consideration for each other ecspecailly my son for my daughter! Heis 14 she is 12.

Man I can stand liers or stealers! Gonna be a long 6 years sad.gif

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