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May 24 2012 at 11:53 AM

dan house  (Login dan_house)

Response to Yes! Not to hijack the thread but...

Your a product too. How do you think invented all that "targeted ad" technology.....

Do you have satelitte TV or cable? They track all your viewing habits.

Your bank tracks every transaction (data, time amount and payee), you credit card usage is just abad for predictive patterns.

Your only a "product" if you go buy that stuff they pitch to you. Since I dont, I dont give a mouse's butt that they pitch ads to me.

And I'll guess your using Windows XP or win 7, so your a memmber of the evil empire. And probably using a computer with Intel or AMD chipsets, made in another country.

Guess you dont use a cell fone either, since every call is logged, who initiated it, who ya called, how long the call lasted, what cell towers were used....

Sent a text message lately? like the cell call, its all logged, inaddtion they know what you said in the message, and when the other party received it.

Got any credit cards?

Product indeed. Really whats your point? Just because you anti social doenst mean the rest of us are or wnat to be.


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