So you have to use ceramic 1000 times...

June 4 2012 at 2:37 PM
KW  (Login Whiteleather)

Response to Recycling

...not really a big deal.

This is no reflection on you, but ...

The expert is a nut. He is massaging his "facts" outside of common sense of application.

Figure 3 cups of coffee a day (actual average for US is 3.1 per day). If you use if for water too, that is up to...what....8 uses a day? So 1000 "uses" comes out to a mere 125 days of service or roughly 1/3 of a year.

What is the longest you can re-use a REGULAR paper cup? I have some REGULAR ceramic mugs that I personally bought over 30 years ago. I have REGULAR bone china coffee cups 170 years old and still going strong. Chipped mugs last for many years. A "chipped" paper cup begins to unravel in a few days.

Does anyone believe that the paper cup they throw out is recycled and re-made into another paper cup in the back of the coffee shop? No. That cup travels 1000s of miles before it becomes a cup again. All the mileage uses up gas, oil, rubber tires, lead batteries, blah, blah, blah.

How do you sanitize a paper cup for re-use the next day? Would you be willing to use a paper soup bowl in a restaurant that was first used the week before?

I hate this crap. Just use common sense and you can live a long healthy life that is sustainable.

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