Purchased a new pair of running shoes today. Wow!

June 13 2012 at 12:00 AM
Phil  (Login Duane30)

Purchased a pair of Saucony brand, "Kinvara 2" running shoes. Normally, I am an Asics or New Balance guy. These shoes weigh 8.2 oz. (each) on my size 12 feet and are the most amazing feeling shoe I have ever felt hands down. I mean, WOW!

They breath very well, as they are a circular mesh covered in a very fine mesh. Did some distance cross country and sprint running today. Ran 6 miles, a combo of pavement and dirt trails. Sprinted five series of 300 meters with 8 minutes rest between. Normal training/exercise for me.

Now, what does that all mean? All my times had some serious seconds removed AND my lower tendons were not nearly as sore as normally. Yippie! I finally found a shoe that allows me to run how my body (all of ours actually) was desinged - ON THE FRONTS OF OUR FEET. Not this stupid heel to toe method we have been taught. Very unefficient and will destroy joints; hard impact.

Feel like a teenager who just got new tires on his ride and wants to do burnouts (idiom, I know).

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