Graphic picture of when I got my throat slashed in Boston.

June 16 2012 at 5:01 PM
Chris Pabon  (Login ChrisPabon)

Hey guys, just found this picture while going through my phone. I was in Massachusetts for work in 07 I believe it was. After work, a friend and I went bar hopping near Fenway. Now, even though I was born and raised in Queens NY, my Isecond favorite team is the Sox, not cause I don't like the Yankees, but cause I just fell in love with Fenway when I saw a game when I was 5 or so, the year after the Mets beat the Sox for the championship in 86. I have always been a doesn't hard Mets fan, actually leaving for the game soon. Anyway, while bar hoping I was wearing a Mets hat, a green one that what.kinda dark so you could really only make out the NY on it, especially at a bar, late at night, after some drinks. I go outside for a smoke, and some guy immediately asked me "don't you f'ing know where you are with that hat on?". I said I just wanna smoke my cig and go inside. He comes after me, and I rocked him real solid, sending him to the ground. He got up, and I brought my hands up to continue to fight, and he must have had a razor in his hand. He brought it across my left hand, while I was in classic fight posture. I dropped my hand, and looked at it, it was wide open, and while I looked at it, he got me in the throat. I felt no pain, chased him down, and was beating him pretty badly. I had him on the ground and was pounding him, until he reached up and grabbed me by the frank and beans, and squeezed as hard as he could. I yelled out, he got up and boogied. I wound up going to the hospital the next morning, took 40 stitches in my neck, 30 internally, and another 12 to close up my hand. Doc said with all the alcohol in my body, and all the blood loss, I could have had a stroke. He also said the guy missed my corotid and my external (or internal, can't remember) jugular by not much at all. Crazy story about a stupid bar fight. Let this be a lesson kiddies, no fighting. I was just defending myself, and I would only fight to protect myself, my fiance, my family, or certain things I own. People are crazy guys, be careful out there. Enjoy your weekends.

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Chris from LI NY

My name is Chris, and I'm an airgun-oholic

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