underwear quest

June 21 2012 at 10:26 AM
chuck  (Login charlie9g)

you would never have thought back in the day that you would be in the position of needing a lot of insight and sensitivity in getting a new set of jockey shorts.
came to a point back before 2k where i couldn't stand on the made in USA principle. i was in the aisle and was given the choice of asian manufacture, dominican, or forego underpants in favor of maximum freedom. i instituted a chuck doctrine of 'this hemisphere', even for a libertarian and a zen head the prospect of that sort of freedom was intimidating and daunting.
then the last go around the wife treated me to a set of shorts as a birthday gift. they were the jockey shorts type, but had the legs, as if they were trying to bridge the gap between jockeys and boxers. they were the greatest thing for a couple months, and then loosened up and have a permanent home riding in your butt crack. told the wife best to switch back to the jockey pattern. she says you want to go right out and get them, i tell her no anytime in the next few months will be fine. life makes you tough, if i can live with her i can live with shorts up the butt crack, but neglected to add that to the conversation.
so now i'm in a quandary i could never have expected as a youth. will the chuck doctrine hold for this cycle or will there be further surprises with foreign manufacture. should i switch to boxers. are the jockeys with the legs the hot setup only i got the wrong brand the last time. it's going to be like forrest gump and his box of chocolates.

small caliber joy

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