Conserve water: Pee in the sink.

June 21 2012 at 1:32 PM
KW  (Login Whiteleather)

My kids and I recently watched "Firefly". In one scene the captain is in his cabin. We cut in as he zips his fly.

Pan out and we see him kick a fold out urinal back up...under the sink. He then washes his hands in the sink...thus flushing the urinal.

Think about that. A sink trap holds what...1.5 cups of liquid? I just happen to know that my bladder will hold just over 1 litre of fluid...don't ask...I just know.

Regardless of how much fluid I put in the sink, the trap only holds 1.5 cups. The rest goes down the drain.

Now...if I wash my hands I use about 3 cups of water. That means all the pee in the trap (IF I were to "hypothetically" pee in the sink) was washed out and the trap contains nothing but water.

So. 3 cups of water to flush pee down the sink versus 1.6gals of water to flush my low vol toilet.

At our camp, we have all agreed to only flush the toilet if it holds poo. That means a lot of pee sitting before we use about 5 gallons of water to flush it down to the leach field. Still not as efficient as peeing in the sink....hypothetically.

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