That is stone cold scary.

June 24 2012 at 3:33 PM
KW  (Login Whiteleather)

Response to Generation Y

Is it true?

Everything is so messed up. I only developed my carpentry, roofing (slate and copper) and mechanical skills after graduate school. That was because I had the leisure time (and need) to learn on my own.

Seems like folks have a lot of leisure time now at an earlier age, yet it is spent on diversions rather than learning. Could be other factors in the way I guess. I lived in NYC for a decade. Had a furniture shop down the street. Asked to apprentice on weekends so I could learn a trade while spending my week in a cubicle. Owner looked pleased to have me ask, but gave an Italian-accented sorrowful reply: "I canna afford the extra insure to have you in a da chop".

So I learned to tend bar, cook and manage a kitchen, and play the drums. Not as important as being able to re-wire a motor or change a head gasket...but it kept me active. The cooking is the only thing I still do.

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