Another book recommendation: John Steinbeck

July 7 2012 at 9:32 AM
KW  (Login Whiteleather)

Just when you think you have read all the great contributions from one of America's great find another one at a yard sale: The "Winter of Our Discontent" by J Steinbeck.

I'll let Wikipedia give you the lowdown:

The reality of the writing is much more engrossing than the description given.

As usual, the book was panned by critics when it came out. It took 10 years to realize its worth. Steinbeck wasn't trying to do an in depth study of American morality. He is telling one story that is so true in itself that it serves as a definition of almost all interactions between ourselves and others.

When I was 10 I found a copy of "Of Mice and Men" on the family bookshelf. I thought it was about mice. In its pages I discovered that a book can be much more than the words on the page. The accessibility of the text mixed with the rich and complex images it created in this reader's mind have stayed with me all these decades. "Winter" had the same effect.

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