I need to vent!

July 14 2012 at 9:21 PM
Dave Dunn  (Login daved20319)

Problem is, I can't really say what I need to say without my post getting deleted for mentioning unmentionables! So lets see how much I can talk around it without getting in trouble happy.gif.

Once upon a time, I belonged to another airgun forum. I know, hard to believe, but we've all been young and stupid at one time or another. Not only was I a member in good standing, I was even a moderator. But one day, I voiced one too many differing opinions on how things should be done, and incurred the wrath of the forum owner, who decided to publicly dress me down. Needless to say, this peeved me a bit, and since I was already having misgivings about the direction the forum was going, I decided to resign as a moderator, and drop out of the forum completely. But I chose to do it quietly and respectfully, no big, dramatic final post, and no running off to another forum and bad mouthing anyone.

So fast forward a couple of years, and I'm feeling the need for a bigger audience to show off my talents too happy.gif. I go back to the old forum, go through the registration process, using the same login and email address from old, and all seems fine. I get the automated response that my registration request has been received, then a couple of hours later, another email saying my membership is approved. I'll admit, I was expecting a little more of a personal message, something along the lines of "Welcome back, Dave, but be cool". But hey, it's a bigger operation now than it was a few years back.

On Saturday's, I have a 7 acre park I mow, and since we've been over 100 degrees here every day for the last week, I headed out pretty early. Took a minute to check in on the new old forum, there were a couple of nice responses to my initial "hi, I'm back" post, but nothing to get excited about. So after spending 4 1/2 hours frying my brains in the seat of my John Deere garden tractor, I come home to the A/C and my computer. Check my email first thing, and there's this lovely little message from the forum owner saying "Just wanted to let you know that we will not put up with your attitude issues you had as a previous member of the *****. We did not appreciate it then and absolutely won't put up with it this time."

Needless to say, this triggered my "attitude issues" big time, and I decided this whole thing was a mistake, and said so. And this time, I also added to my initial "hi" post to say goodbye, and why, but without slamming anyone or going into details. But the real cherry on top? I went to the other forum just to log myself out, and got a nice little message saying get lost, you are permanently banned, do not pass Go, do not collect $200, don't call us and we'll forget we EVER called you. To those of you that still belong to that forum, you have my sympathy, I think. For the rest of you, thanks for letting me rant. Later.


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