Congratulations James, the fifth day was the worst for me,

July 31 2012 at 10:15 AM

Brushy Bill  (Login BrushyBill)

Response to On my 5th day with NONE! My 1 yr old has made me wish to live!

I was one angry SOB that day.
Seemed after that it got a lot easier.

But even almost a year later as I am working on cad
drawings on the computer. When I zoom out to look the
drawing over, I catch myself reaching for one.

I guess the "habit" part is the hardest to break.
I found it did get easier to get my mind on other things.
After a year, my resting heart rate dropped from 85-90 bpm
to 45 bpm.

Made the mistake of accepting a very nice cigar while
taking my turn pulling targets at a high power rifle match.
Bought a pack of smokes on the way home. After about a week
of smoking again, felt pretty foolish and started quitting
over again.
It is true, the more times you quit, the easier it gets.

If something happens and you slip, don't let it end your efforts.

Keep a photo of the one year old handy.

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