SSgt(the new SrA!)

August 4 2012 at 4:36 PM
Carlos in ATx  (Login crgintx)

Response to well I think the US Airforce is going downhill.....

I retired from the USAF at the end of '03 and was more than ready. The entire US military NCO corps got their balls(in terms of supervisory power) taken away under Bush,Sr. and Cheney's management but the process had started under Reagan and Weinberger.

Back in '98, I was told point blank by my Squadron 1st Sgt that I couldn't punish an A1C under my supervision who'd disrepected another NCO. After that incident, I started counting my days til retirement. The A1C got an LoR and yawned on his way out of the 1st office.

BTW I was one of those gnarly, ornery old NCO's who made E-5/SSgt back 22 years ago when only 25 out of 700 eligible on base made it. IYA 'AMMO' YAS!

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