How sad is it

August 6 2012 at 6:00 PM

dan house  (Login dan_house)

Response to Tribute to the armed forces

that one of the goofiest guys in rock music, nay pop music in general, is the one out there leading this tribute?

Brad Pitt? Snoop Dogg, er Lion? Ive not heard of Lady Gaga going "over there". (uh, sorry. not a real deep student of pop culture, let alone what passes for pop music these days...)

Toby Keith, Ted Nugent, Kelli Pickler, Gary Sinese (and yes a quite a few more, but I cant remeber) have all gone over there to entertain. Gene Simmons made his fame by being the "God of Thunder" doing obscene things with his tongue during Kiss concerts.

Wher's Hollywierd? Why hasnt the mainstream media reported on this? Oh right, it'll interupt "American Idol" and remind the soccer mom set that there is a war on and folks are dying....

We need people like Gene and the above mentioned folks to help bring a slice of home to a truly awlful assignemtn.....

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