Pathfinder Mars 1997 rover trained up in Antarctica

August 10 2012 at 1:16 AM

M'hackett  (Login 22MK1)

I went to the link in a thread below and started checking the other Martian missions and recognized my leetle friend who I had last seen getting packed up in by some NASA beakers in McMurdo
Station for a test drive in the crater of Mt Erebus in Summer '91. Didn't go so well...remember carrying one of them back to the dorms from the Officer's Club afterwards as they were done for the season. Looks like they got the kinks(literally and figuratively as it sore of choked on tripping over it's umbilical cord and snagged it)worked out by '97 happy.gif It looks as if there were two ramps with the one on the left side of picture about a long drop off the end while the one my leetle friend rolled of was on the ground where he ended up butting heads with a boulder it appears..
I hooked my laptop with HDMI to the 47" LG at work today. Wowsie wowsi wow wow wow!!. I'm bringing my trackball mouse in tomorrow for a lot better controls of the Pan and tilt and speed of the movements especially with it zoomed all the way in.

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