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August 17 2012 at 3:52 PM

RedFeather  (Login RedFeather)

Response to When you sell (or buy) a rifle in good faith

Geez, Bob, let's boil up some tar and shread a few pillows why don't we? Seeing as how no one but the seller and buyer have seen the gun, it's rather a stretch to pronounce judgement like that. And I don't get the timing here. Seller starts out with "what shall I do? Pay for repairs, refund, etc.?", then he posts later on that the gun was sent in weeks ago for repairs. Does that mean it was broken, returned by the seller, supposedly repaired and left in the box, then sold? And what's with the "Hey, you are just buying to mark up and resell!" remark? I've bought guns on impulse, put them away, never shot them and then sold them. Mostly at a danged loss, too. We've probably all done that or close to it at one time or another. Boy, I could use a beer here but I just gave blood.

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