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Hey JC, Happy late Birthday! I have a present for you

April 1 2017 at 8:08 AM
JD  (Login JamesDingle777)

Response to Hey JC happy Birthday !

My Wife, (no, not her) has a Friend who is a model. She's doing pretty good. Here she is.

Not bad for 2 Children and untouched photos. She's really short and has a thick butt and muscular legs. Weird thing to me is I was Friends with her Dad and now I'm Married to her best Friend, so I don't look at her in "that" way. I definitely acknowledge her attractiveness; but she's Wife's Friend & Jeff's little Girl to me. The truth about her is she is super smart, great Mom, very easy to talk to which I thought upon seeing her after so many years she would be stuck up. She's not at all. She has good chiseled features and has American Indian in her from her Mother. Maybe she's worthy of up top, maybe not. If you think so, Edit, cut, copy, and paste. Happy Birthday there Mr. Guapo. I'm jealous of your thick dark hair. Mexicans hardly ever loose their hair. I had thick dark Italian curly hair; but the hairline is in retreat.
Edit: Monica is actually very shy, dumped many so called photographers for trying to get with her or trying to get her to do nudes. Won't have it and in fact wanted to pull out of modeling all together because a lot of other Girls give her drama. They are just plain jealous as we all know Girls are. She's classy and just trying to provide for her Boys. I never knew modeling was so hard but for Girls, it's not easy.

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