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Likely so

April 1 2017 at 9:58 AM

daveshoot  (Login daveshoot)

Response to "Mess of the century"...? O ye of little faith, the century is still young. Just wait

At least here, airport parking is always under the undesirable real estate under overpasses. Easy pickins' for those so inclined.

You would have to think that, 17 years into a century, calling anything "the whatever of the century" is a trifle premature, given our unlimited capacity for mischief, and the fact that a couple of decades is less than a drop in the bucket for Mother Gaia.

If we looked at the 20th C disasters, including two world wars and an A-bomb, the I-85 collapse would rank near dead last in loss of life and property. In fact if smartphone-related casualties were treated as a single incident (perhaps in the future they will be), they might be the deadliest man-made incident so far of the young 21st. The bot wars by household appliances against humanity will obviously be the next, according to the Prophet Elon.

Interesting times. Perspective aside, it would suck to commute through Atlanta and will for some time to come. Please pardon our dust. happy.gif

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