High IQ Omega Society 210+ Stanford Benet

April 6 2017 at 5:11 PM
James Dingle   (Login JamesDingle777)

Anyone know anyone that qualifies? I was looking things up because I want to be tested. I had been at 10 and my score was 127 which puts me in the lowest high IQ group which has a minimum of 124 and they are a step below MENSA. That means I'm nothing special, 1 in 20 score as well or higher. These other groups, above MENSA, now that's impressive. 210 is unfathomable to me, Einstein was what, 176? I'm recalling here, not looking it up so I very well could be wrong. Omega is the creme de la creme. How many people are in this? 1 out of every 33,000 some thousand. On my phone so I can't copy and paste link. Just interesting. I find certain musicians to be total Genius in many ways. Arlo Guthrie comes to mind. Many others. I believe we have a few here that would qualify quite high, but I doubt they'd devulge any standing they hold title

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