My mom has one

April 7 2017 at 1:13 PM
ChrisK  (Login r1lover)

Response to I want to get my mom a 'life-alert' system, I fell down and can't get up

It's additional piece of mind for us. She's fallen twice but I was there to help her up. It's nice to know though that if I wasn't available she could have gotten help. In the 5 or 6 years she's had it she's only accidently pushed the button on her wrist band her sleep. We live next door and awoke to flashing emergency lights outside. The back up battery power is monitored and you're notified when the battery needs replacing. Life Alert provides batteries for free. Seems to me they last a year or more. Life Alert encourages you to test the unit once a month. They request you call ahead to let them know a test is being conducted but we've done it without notifying them first. Push the button and wait for the voice to come over the two-way speaker asking if the user is alright. If you're conducting a test, you tell them so, provide the password and they tell you the test was successful and thank you very much. If you push the button and it's not a test, you can either inform Life Alert what the problem is when they come on or, if Life Alert gets no response from you, emergency vehicles are dispatched. It can take up to 30 seconds for a Life Alert person to come over the speaker. One drawback is if your mom is hard of hearing and in another room if she accidentally pushes the button. In that case, if she doesn't hear Life Alert come over the speaker, emergency vehicles will be dispatched. You can use Live Alert in any, burglary, etc.

Life Alert owns the equipment, you only pay for the service and use of the equipment. If the equipment gives you trouble, Life Alert will replace it. If you have any questions about what your equipment is doing, you can call Life Alert on the phone and they will walk you through what's going on and assess if the equipment needs service or not.

My mom's is the simple, in-home version because she never leaves the house without me taking her. But I believe they now make ones that can be used away from home that send a signal with GPS coordinates. You'd have to look into that further.

I wouldn't let her be without it.

Good luck with your mom.


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