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I scored 160 on the SB a very long time ago...

April 8 2017 at 12:19 AM
Sophie948  (Login Sophie948)

Response to High IQ Omega Society 210+ Stanford Benet

...and in subsequent years found that score and enough pocket change would get me a bus ride.

SB - and other IQ tests - are great predictors of how well you'll do in school. And not much else. Oh, and they're great predictors of whether you're White middle-class (like me) because the test is culture-bound. My favorite example - from the WAIS, another IQ test, many years later when I was getting training in how to administer them.

"Why do we need policemen?"

I was asking a Black kid in an urban ghetto and had to ask very loudly to be heard over the jet flying over the school (which was in the airport flight line).

The answer you get of a Black kid who's dad was arrested the night before on suspicion of being Black taking a walk in a White neighborhood won't get quite so many points as the answer you get from a White middle class kid who's experience has been that The Policeman Is Your Friend.

(When IQ tests were first introduced, they were used as evidence of the idiocity of Italian immigrants. Who scored very poorly. No matter that the tests were administered in English to immigrants who understood only Italian. Well, that was a indication of idiocity - but not necessarily that of the Italian immigrants.)

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