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Feather blades have come way down! I use a Gillette gold toggle, set on 9! Eek!

April 9 2017 at 6:12 PM

John in FL.  (Login gratewhitehuntr)

Response to Oh, dude. I have to shave every day!

Look around eBay for the Feather in red/black pack, cost 25 cents each in the 100 packs from Thailand.
Astra SP are also pretty decent, found them in South Fl for about $11 per 100 delivered.

I tried $2 per blade van-der-shidteater from Walmart, or Eagle brand Dollar Store, but couldn't get through a whole shave without epic pulling!
Really, only good for 3/4 shave! WTF?

Feathers actually last about 10 shaves which is phenomenal considering Mach3 being a single use for me sad.gif

Now Im sporting some mutton chops LOL looks rough.... rugged....

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