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Yes, if you're tuning with a tach and the manuf/req mix ratio on unmodified engine.

April 9 2017 at 7:32 PM

John in FL.  (Login gratewhitehuntr)

Response to Re: Assuming I am 100% wrong, yet people heed my wrong advice. What would be the result?

Modified engines do not work that way. Stock rpm will be very rich and bog under load.
This may sound silly but modified 2 strokes are more common than you might think, the most common mod being relief from muffler induced backpressure.

Ethanol has more effects than soft carb parts.
The water will come out as sludge chunks and stop the carb right up, sometimes in a couple weeks or less! Corrosion like crazy!

Yes hotsaws do LOL. In this instance the poorer performance of ethanol fuel becomes obvious, however it's tuned.

If you think hotsaws are an invalid comparison, then so is a snowmobile from back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and produced all the oil/gas.
How about the ratio? I bet it didn't run 50:1.
How long do you suppose that machine would have lasted at WOT in 90 degree ambient?
You found a oil that doesn't exist anymore, and a machine that would NEVER get past the EPA, that never ran ethanol, that only ran in the winter, and threw it into a thread about MODERN machines.
reply with your PP and I'll send you the cost of a cookie.....

Now considering the OP context, and that KW (no offense) thinks points are still being used AND this defines the level of mechanical knowledge in the general population, do you really think it's a GOOD idea to come tell people that marine oil is acceptable in air cooled 2 strokes?
No, no it is not.

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