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Sorry James, didn’t mean to sound so cold as John pointed out.

April 10 2017 at 1:47 AM
Mike  (Login Houlihan54)

Response to My mistake. Good to know though, thanks. Do Those venom suction kits work? N/T

What you stated is believed and passed on by many and most of us have passed on this myth at one time or another as it continues to circulate.

No to the suction cup as that was old school. Most all of the old school preaching’s with regards to rattle snake bites have been abandon such as the suction cups, cutting the wound with an X fashion cut then orally sucking out the venom, all this has been abandon and for good reseason

The Six Don’ts

1. Don’t let the allow the victim to engage in strenuous physical activity. If necessary, carry the person to safety. Otherwise, have them hike out slowly without their pack so they are not over-exerted.
2. Don’t apply a tourniquet. Restricting superficial blood flow does keep the venom from spreading, which you want to avoid. Concentrated venom will rapidly destroy cells. Allowing it to spread will dilute the toxin and reduce tissue damage.
3. Don’t apply a cold pack. Cold reduces healthy circulation to the infected area. Also, some experts believe snake venom increases vulnerability to frostbite.
4. Don’t apply a suction device. Removing the venom by suction was once standard procedure, but is no longer considered safe treatment. These devices generally to not remove a substantial amount of toxin and can damage sensitive tissue.
5. Don’t let the snake bite victim eat or drink anything, including medication and alcohol, unless okayed by medical staff.
6. Don’t cut across the bite marks and attempt oral suction. Because snake fangs are curved, the pocket of venom will not be where expected and will probably have already spread. Plus, many snake bites are considered “dry,” where there was no toxin released into the victim. This may also increase the risk of infection in the area by having an open wound.

I highly recommend you research this subject as you will find it very fascinating and informational. I have caught many rattle snakes and have used them for educational and awareness purposes and even have put on classes in the past for the local grammar school.

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