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Any Concrete Foundation Experts here?

April 10 2017 at 9:47 AM
(Login ORTitan)

I am looking at a small home that has something going on with the foundation. Anyone here that has knowledge in this area? Just wanted a little advise.

The house was built in 1968 it is a poured concrete foundation and the native soil is some type of red clay. There appears to be no re bar in the concrete. What I have are some vertical cracks larger than 1/2" with some large displacement. I am likely to get an engineer to inspect and advise.

The downspouts were not piped away from the foundation and there has been standing water of some depths in the crawl space. There is no basement. I have not been able to measure the amount of un level of the floor but when you walk on it you are not able to notice it. The doors in that part of the house have minor fitment issues as well as some drywall movement. BTW if it makes a difference the floor is supported in the post and pier style.

I can email hi res pictures if you think you can give better info.


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