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I would not recommend that Sportsman's Guide rewards card.

April 11 2017 at 3:37 PM

John in FL.  (Login gratewhitehuntr)

There was an AR thread Bill started a while ago, stuff at
I signed up for a Visa to earn $60 rewards during checkout, have been really thrilled with other rewards cards throwing me some bonus.
Should have been to $100 as of yesterday.

They basically fail to credit the rewards points due, and only credit them to some future statement after you call and beetch several times.
Check's in the mail!!!! (and it has been) and they did it to me two months in a row, hard to think it's an accident....

Communication between SG and Comenity Bank is poor to non-existant, they will each tell you to call the other endlessly, each claiming that the other is in charge.
uh.. you have no reward points sir.... Ohh did we say the check was in the mail? What we really meant was (change of terms)

Currently delayed till 5-21-2017...and that's assuming they aren't pulling my leg again.........shoulda had those points cashed out by 3-11-2017.... EDIT AND i HAVE GUN PARTS HERE THAT I CAN'T ASSEMBLE BECAUSE THE POINTS (what points?) CAN'T BE CASHED OUT FOR A LOWER
It's like that old Capital One commercial with David Spade.... thought it was funny.....THEN!

Don't do business with financial institutions that wring every last penny by floating your money....or BS-ing you around... for everyone's sake....

Meanwhile, BOA is offering 3% back on gas plus a bonus when the reward is redeemed into a BOA account...... $0.07 per gallon is actual money.... instead of trifling with 1% good only at SG.

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