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Safest bets

April 12 2017 at 3:56 PM
Ron Robinson  (Login compressive)

Response to i recently made a deal with another yellow member (selling my airgun)...

The safest forms of payments for sellers would be PayPal or USPS money order, but instruct the buyer to make NO mention of guns in any PayPal transaction.

Last time I checked all the fine print, USPS considers air PISTOLS as firearms; so don't ship air pistols through the postal service. However USPS doesn't consider air RIFLES as firearms, Nevertheless I'd research their shipping regulations carefully, and not ship an airgun with any pressure remaining in the chamber (read the fine print).

As of the last time I checked, UPS was the safest bet for shipping airguns because of their (most) lenient airgun shipping regulations.

As for Fedex, they simply SUCK! Twice they've left packages in my driveway, outside my garage door, right in the left tire track. The first package I drove over contained 1,000 rounds of rimfire ammo. Thankfully only several of the plastic ammo boxes were broken, with no damage to any cartridges. But imagine if some of the rims were dented on that RIMFIRE ammo; specifically the possibility of a chain reaction if just ONE of the 1,000 rounds detonated! I WAS LIVID, and made that known in no uncertain terms when I spoke to the Fedex manager.

NEVERTHELESS, a couple months later Fedex left another package in the same place and I drove over it. Luckily the rifle scope was narrowly missed by the tire and was undamaged, but a half-dozen tins of JSB pellets were badly damaged. I repeat, FEDEX SUCKS!

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