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Talking about Auctions KW, There's several around me

April 13 2017 at 8:51 AM
James Dingle  (Login JamesDingle777)

Response to You watched a movie. You liked a movie. You wanted to share it with you friends....

that favor to certain collectors. Military surplus is at Hartzells, Any typical older collectible is at Shamrock. Here's the kicker. I told Son, forget getting an EDC. I NEVER carried one because I always felt I didn't need it or could talk my way out of anything. I never started anything either. Anyway, a HS came up in a classifieds that sells everything. Must be transferred of course other than long guns, and some guys even ask for that to be done when selling Saiga or semi auto serious stuff like FN or H&K
So this HS comes up. I call the Kid and say you better freaking call right now, it's ONLY $250.00!!! See, HS's are starting to rise in price because the unknowns have found out that all the Hampden models were hand fitted and drive tacks. Some of these are in the same league ****&W 41 and so on for a lesser hand fitted, completely milled piece. He calls, guy says, "yeah, that sold at auction for $800.00. Everyone was calling and lowballing me at $150-200, so it went to Shamrock and I got $800.00, who would of thunk it huh?" I would have thunk it. I told this boy, watch the paper shop and buy used. It's like a car. I don't care if I had 10 million dollars. I'd never buy a brand new sticker price vehicle. I'd buy a 2 year leased vehicle if I wanted current, which I hate because of electronics. ONLY car I might buy new would be a Cadillac CTSV, otherwise I'd have an old Chevy 65 Apache or short bed flared side.. I'd put a Muncie 4 speed tranny and this in it

I could work on this myself without a dam computer and sensors. Well, I'd have to review that engine before I actually picked it. I maybe would stay small block that winds up faster and go with a 3 speed racing tranny,

Ok, so we've both been called Homos. Oh well, I'm secure in myself no matter what my sexual preference (definitely Women) is. There was a time I thought the abuse made me gay. I realized I am far from gay. The mind is a terrible thing to mess with. I still claim that the smartest people on Earth are bi-sexual. Most creative, gay, am I stereotyping here?
Bottom line, I like your bow ties. They show Old School charm. Hell, Bill Nye wears them. And, ah Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz. He's a Mans man right?;_ylt=A0LEV0MmdO9YkFUAvu9XNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEyb21sODA2BGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjM3NzZfMQRzZWMDc2M-?p=glenn+hurricane+schwartz&fr=aaplw

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