If you are the seller you are in the driver's seat.

April 13 2017 at 12:43 PM

KW  (Login CuomoSux)

Response to i recently made a deal with another yellow member (selling my airgun)...

You do NOT ship the gun until payment clears.

That means a personal check, a USPS money order, Western Union, cashiers check, credit union, or wampum will work. You simply do not ship the item until the payment is cleared. Period. You determine when the payment is clear.
1) With personal check you ask your bank to verify the funds and granting agency.
2) With USPS Money Order you can cash it at your Post Office so they can verify the MO.
3) With Western Union you walk out of the store with cash in hand.
4) With cashiers check you ask your bank to verify the funds and granting agency.
5) With Credit Union you ask your bank to verify the funds and granting agency.

You are not at risk unless you use PayPal via the vendor option. With PayPal the buyer can still get money out of your account long after the transaction is completed. If your bank account is attached to your PayPal account...the buyer can even access your back account without your permission. I verified this with my account manager at Five-Star Bank in NY.

As for shipping, use USPS. Why? Here is my first-hand experience.

1) Prices are nearly reasonable
2) Packages are trackable.
3) Packages are insured. (clams are settled in 30 days or less).
4) You do not have to tell the USPS what is in the package. UPS requires you to identify what is in the package.
5) Using Click-n-Ship at usps.com means that your regular mail delivery guy will pick up the package from your residence. By using Ciick-n-Ship I can ship any time from my front door. UPS requires that I drop off guns in person...at their shipping hub (not a UPS Store)...10 minutes away... between 4-6pm...unless they are late....or close early...or are having a sick day...or just don't feel like coming to work.

So....to recap:

Any payment method will do as long as you have you don't ship until your bank can verify the money.

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