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I'll never us USPS again....only UPS or FedEx

April 13 2017 at 6:18 PM
ChrisK  (Login r1lover)

Response to i recently made a deal with another yellow member (selling my airgun)...

I purchased a $750 scope on Ebay. Immediately upon receiving it I sent it, insured via USPS, to the manufacturer for a custom reticle. It didn't show up at the destination and USPS tracking said it never left the local post office where I mailed it from. USPS acknowledged they'd lost it and told me to submit a claim. I submitted a claim along with the documents I was able to print from the Ebay transaction. The claim was denied citing insufficient proof of value. I wrote a stronger explanation and sent more paperwork. Again it was denied. I was advised that after two attempts/denials the matter was being sent to a third party with whom I had one more chance to appeal the denial and then I was S.O.L. I had a long conversations with Ebay and even they couldn't believe how the USPS was jerking me around. Ebay made a special effort to email me every proof possible of the value of my transaction and that the transaction had gone through. As I was preparing to submit my final appeal the manufacturer I sent the scope to contacted me (30 days later) and told me the scope had arrive. USPS tracking said it was still lost. A friend of mine who holds a VERY prominent position in the USPS told me USPS is the WORST at honoring claims and to use UPS or FedEx for valuable items.

Advise: document with thorough photos what you are sending. If you are selling, be prepared to provide proof of the sale price (which may still not be enough) and hope you can find the gun in some blue book for the same value you are selling it for.

Good Luck.

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