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If recoil in a .308 bothers you....stay away from springers!

April 14 2017 at 2:23 PM

KW  (Login CuomoSux)

Response to Here's one I hadn't heard before...

Just kidding.

Just to be clear for the overly sensitive: I AM NOT SELLING ANYTHING HERE. In might want to make the same statement in your OP before you get banned.

Ok, in some calibers there are short actions and long actions. That is in the SAME caliber. Yes, the same caliber. I am thinking of Remington model 700s at the moment. In .243 they were produced in a short action and a long action. The wonderful 22-250 also came in short and long actions from several makers.

Don't hold me to this, but I think the reason is simply: modified calibers/parent cases. Kind of like when I put one of my jackets on my son. Take your .308. To some it is really just a short .30-06 (actually it is a LONG .300 Savage). So if you have a .308 that was built on a .30-06 action you would essentially have a long actioned .308. I have two Garands (not for sale): One in .30-06 (not for sale) the other in .308 (not for sale). Same action. The not-for-sale .308 would be considered a "long" action just because it is longer than needed for the .308 cartridge. (Don't even get me started on .38spec vs .357 or .44spec vs .44mag)

Which one is more desirable? Lets see: I once asked a whitetail deer: "Do you prefer the short action or the long action?" He said "I refuse to answer on the grounds that I am dead as a doornail and have no freaking idea which one killed me."

Now...before you toss your .308 (not for sale) because of recoil, and before you ruin it with a muzzle break....consider lighter bullets and lower velocity loads. I make my own loads for .30-06 (child of the .30-03 and grandchild of the .30-01 (not for sale) that feel like a .22 (not for sale) when shot from my Springfield (not for sale) or my M1 Garand (not for sale). These are used for target competitions where precision and not power are key....but I sure as heck would not want to catch one down range.

If you don't reload....get into it. Its fun and frustrating! I will meet you over at the and keep you from killing yourself.

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