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Any advice as we prepare for new puppy?

March 31 2012 at 7:12 AM
wahoowad  (Login wahoowad)

Neither my wife nor I have had a dog in over 20 years+, certainly have not owned one since we have been together. We've committed to get a boxer from a local reputable breeder who does lots of health testing on the parents. We will get it checked out by our vet and continue any vaccination schedules and other recommended visits. We figure our 2 adult cats will get used to the puppy but will ensure they have a part of the house to escape too if he begins to annoy them.

I recall from my previous puppy that the first few (days|weeks?) nights at home the puppy will likely cry darn near all night. It has been recommended (while it is a small puppy) we keep it in a dog crate at night and when we aren't at home, I'm a little vague on when you stop doing this?

Also curious about dealing with separating dog and cat food feeding...currently we leave cat food out 24x7 and our cats eat a little throughout the day. I can only imagine the puppy will get into that. Only thing I know to do is feed both dog and cats at fixed schedules and only enough so it gets eaten right away. That's a big change for the cats.

Guess my biggest concerns are getting through the night crying stage and then housetraining to not go inside. I got some reading up to do on that.

Thanks for any advice!

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Doug S
(Login dsmalln)

Crate potty training....

March 31 2012, 7:52 AM 

It works good, animal does not like to foul it's bed. Take the pup immeditely outside from crate and "Hope" it does it's business. Keep Cat litter box isolated from the pup also, pups will eat the Poop!

Doug S.

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(Login GlennDS)


March 31 2012, 8:12 AM 

Doug made some good points.

I used a crate on my puppy until she was threw her chewing faze and could hold her potty until I got back home.

She used the crate for her whole life, it was her place to go to have her quite time when she was older. The door was wired open and she would go into the crate when she wanted to be left along. When she was being a pain in the back side when company came over, I would say "crate" and she would go into her crate and lay down and had to stay until she calm down.

In the evening play with the puppy to wear him/her out before bed time and put lots of toys in the crate at night. Wire a bowl of water to the crate so the puppy can get a drink during the night.

If the puppy cries at night, DO NOT give the puppy any attention what so ever. Telling a puppy to be quite is the same (to the puppy) as telling it is a good dog. He is wanting attention no matter if it is bad or good.

Keeping the crate in the bedroom were the puppy can see you will help the puppy feel as part of the pack, but has his own place to sleep.

We need to see pictures of the new family member.

In S. Texas

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(Login scottgg)

I'd suggest keeping cat food and litter boxes in a room that only the cats can access

March 31 2012, 9:53 AM 

Bringing home a puppy AND changing food and litter routines for the cats is asking for trouble. That's a lot of stress for two older cats who've gotten used to their routines. I'd get the cats accustomed to eating and using the litterbox in another area of the house first.

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Kent M
(Login upacreekk)

Great book that tells you what to expect week-by-week

March 31 2012, 11:55 AM 

"Puppy's First Steps" by School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University:


It should be required reading for all new puppy onwers.

P.S. All of the suggestions given above (and probably below) are good too happy.gif

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John Lucas
(Login jlucas50)

Kind of a fun website......

March 31 2012, 12:37 PM 

with lots of information and links is Dogster.....


"Silence is the only thing that can hinder the Truth"

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(Login woodyj)

Prep the cats first ...

March 31 2012, 12:45 PM 

by building places up off the floor (e.g., ramps, cat trees, walkways, tops of furniture, etc.) where they can retreat.  Ideally, make it so the cats can get all around the house without having to go on the floor.  Also, consider feeding the cats up off the floor where the dog can't get.  As for the litterbox, IMHO that's what cat doors are for (i.e., so there is no need for a litterbox).

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(Login CalG)

Second on the dog crate!

March 31 2012, 1:21 PM 

A lifetime of good results. Dogs need their place (and know it wink.gif. We used the command "kennel". Our dogs went to their boxes whenever they needed some time along. Dogs like cave like places give 'em one.

Never give a command you have no intention or ability to enforce. Years of Yelling into the wind is all you will get. Better to stay silent and get a lead on the collar

Let the cat and the pup work things out early! put 'em both in the dog box the first night, might save the crying wink.gif ( I have not done this, never had a cat)

Train your dog to ONLY eat what you give it, when you give it. That one "trick" will save all kinds of clean up, vet bills and heart break. (dry dog food is best)

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(Login ERdept)

Im so happy that you're getting a doggie. a dog has given my mom and dad such happyness.

March 31 2012, 2:10 PM 

All us kids have grown up.

All their other dogs died.

They said a new dog would tie them down (they never go anywhere).

Now that they have it, they laugh at the antics, they get and give love.


Plus you are taking care of another creature, our bretheren in suffering, death, and disease, who needs love and care.

Yes. thank you.

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(Login scottgg)


March 31 2012, 2:51 PM 

Terrible advice or a bad joke. Just to be sure.. You'll have two animals that forever hate each other and others of the species. And probably a very expensive vet bill for the puppy and visit from the dog warden when the vet reports you.

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(Login boohoo9)


April 1 2012, 11:51 AM 

Crate train the puppy. Later on, he will love the crate and it will be his safe place. Also comes in handy when time to travel.
Watch him close, and run him outside when he gets fidgity. That is usually a sign he needs to potty. He/she, will catch on quick.

When training, use treats. Do not correct him constantly or he will get to the point he won`t know what to do.
When training, be consistent.

Give him a lot of love and praise him when he does good.


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