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I want a vacation house in fl....

April 1 2017 at 7:43 PM
paquete  (Login mikerws)

And I really don't need to be close to the water but no further than a hr ride... where I can find a spot with 5acres plus and pretty cheap like less than 125k? Just figured I would ask you guys first...maybe you can give me a secret spot I should target.

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(Login robnewyork)

the good news is

April 1 2017, 8:36 PM 

less than one perfect of florida land is 1 hour away from water.I only lived on the coast , but I know inland even 6-8 miles got cheap and fast

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(Login Rescue912)

I just got back from Kissimmee ...

April 1 2017, 8:49 PM 

... and there were deals available. We rented a house about 11 minutes from Lake Topo and the crappie fishing was unbelievable!

I can see why you would want to live there, if I could talk the wife into it I would be gone tomorrow. We got back Thursday evening and had rain and 41 degrees here in Indiana.

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John in FL.
(Login gratewhitehuntr)

Try the canal which exits Toho South to Cypress, speck stack in winter and bass bass bass

April 5 2017, 5:48 AM 

This is my backyard, only 8 mins from Cypress, 8 mins West Toho, 20 something to Lake Kissimmee.
The Kissimmee chain of lakes draws fishermen from all over the country, with some tournaments like FLW being held on West Toho.

Here is the ol' lady making a crazy face after catching HER FIRST BASS EVER IN HER LIFE! She was literally jumping up and down happy!
Didn't weigh it, but we did eat it.
Caught on a modified spinnerbait, with small Colorado blade and shad body glued on, at the delta of a canal entering a lake in the Alligator Chain of lakes.
She is 5'4" tall.
Tyhe Black Bass demotivator photo 71666601_zpsmb5fwmae.jpg

This is the valley I mentioned in the post at the bottom of the thread.
[linked image]

Kissimmee/Davenport/Clermont area has a high number of rental houses, its a popular area to buy a house ONLY for renting to tourists, a new family every week.
Winter is off season.

Lake O is also highly impressive, that coming from someone who grew up in the Great Lakes.
You won't find so much tourist culture there though, Okechobee proper is a cow town, might find housing on the Southeast end closer to Port St Lucie.

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(Login dougtr7)

i want a vacation house in fl

April 2 2017, 9:07 AM 

Sounds good until you get there...heat ,crowds,weather threats ,insurance costs ...I'll stay in New England ...not great BUT...then again you said vacation house to go to if your still working maybe 2-3 weeks a year ....BUT THE RELATIVES WILL BE EXCITED

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Scot Laughlin
(Login classicalgas)

You do know that they've hired flood and dike experts from the Netherlands?

April 2 2017, 11:51 AM 

(on a consulting basis, no designs so far as I know)That tells you something about how seriously the state takes ocean level rise.

So how are those dikes going to be paid for? The Feds aren't going to do it.

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Bill S
(Login tripleguy)

Disney World ticket price hikes

April 2 2017, 12:37 PM 

Seems lots of businesses and costal cities are preparing for a rise in sea levels. They must not have heard the news that GW is a ruse.
"but I'll be needin' that gun, fer squirrels and such."

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(Login charlie9g)

yeah, i don't get the attraction

April 2 2017, 10:45 PM 

live somewhere your house can have a full basement and be built on a granite base. if i needed to ditch NY, i'd look at PA. getting just a bit down south can be enough.
i would never complicate life by having a second house either. it's a mighty challenge keeping up one house, and i'm a career building tradesman. be comfortable and secure in your primary residence and love the heck out of it.
small caliber joy

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(Login tomykay12)


April 3 2017, 1:12 PM 

good luck leaving a house unattended in that environment

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John in FL.
(Login gratewhitehuntr)

Lake O is downright dangerous, water management has BEEN a big deal here.

April 5 2017, 6:17 AM 

Since the early 1900s or there would be floods all the way to 17th street (1st st being Lakeshore) and so much more.
Some major portion of the land here used to be lake bottom or flood plain.

There were some hurricanes in the early 20th century which resulted in major loss of life down the center of the state due to poor water management.
Now the lake levels are actively managed with canals, dikes, and flood gates all in accordance with season and projected rainfall.
Notice the drainage down the center?
[linked image]

That being said, if/when sea levels rise there will be major issues in some coastal regions, not to mention the keys!

Frankly I'm glad they are on top of it!
Our Governor, Scott, is a sharp guy with a good head on his shoulders.

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(Login Matospeter)

come on down man the water's nice and warm ;)

April 2 2017, 1:25 PM 

IF I was moving here and wanted acreage I would probably be looking near Vero beach or inland from there. Not far from the beach, not far from Orlando and Disney, not far from the cape. lots of nice places out there. I don't know about prices but the farther inland you go the cheaper it is. We just moved back to the St. Lucie area after almost 16 years of living in tennessee. Lovin' it so far. Some beatiful and relatively uncluttered/uncrowded beaches here too with great fishing in the indian River and Intracoastal as well as the ocean of course. Good luck man!!

Pete Matos
A&N Precision Machine
CNC machining and prototyping
Port St. Lucie, Florida
A&N Precision Machine on Facebook!

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John in FL.
(Login gratewhitehuntr)

What do you like to do? Doing something with the land? How bout temps? nt

April 2 2017, 9:53 PM 

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john richardson
(Login snapchief)

Florida location fact

April 3 2017, 8:36 AM 

Being less than 1 hour shouldn't present a problem. There is no location in the state of Florida that is more that 50 miles from either the Gulf or the Atlantic.

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(Login njnoodles)

"Arcadia Florida", Borders Georgia , search it on Realtor. Com

April 3 2017, 9:10 AM 

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John in FL.
(Login gratewhitehuntr)

False, Arcadia lies tween Lake O and Sarasota. I wrote a small book

April 3 2017, 12:05 PM 

but heard a BOOM and the power blinked......
..all gone now....

Well, if you can answer my 3 questions above ... and tonight I'll rewrite my reply.... Damn...

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(Login njnoodles)

Correction, John is right, my suggestion was suppose to Say "Tallahassee"

April 4 2017, 11:30 AM 

I had Arcadia on my mind. Alot of my family lived in Arcadia and also Peachtree City, GA, Hurricane Charley destroyed most of my families properties in Arcadia, I think in August 2004, but they kept all there land and didn't rebuild much, It was even featured in an episode of the Travel Channel show Cash & Treasures. They mostly relocated to Tallahassee, which is alot closer to the rest of my Family in Peachtree City, GA. My family owns a pretty decent amount of land In Tallahassee, I like it there, Oak Tress, and Vegetation also commonly found in GA.

I am actually starting to meet with Realtors in Naples FL, I will be retiring within the next 5 years, I will also travel inland to find just land, about 10-20 acres to set up a camp. I have about a half dozen friends that already retired down there, and my wife also has her best friend living near there as well. My buddies that moved there I basically grew up with in NJ, and we were all hunting buddies, that's why I chose Naples. I have a 60 Acre cabin in PA, and will be keeping that, but will sell my NJ Residence, I'm only going to be 52 when I retire, so hopefully with have a few years left in me to fulfill tike hunt and shoot.

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John in FL.
(Login gratewhitehuntr)

Tallahassee is nice. Great sausage at Bradley's on Centerville Plantation Rd!

April 5 2017, 5:27 AM 

It typifies the cultural differences, and this 750sqft place wouldn't exist down South, or it'd be a tourist trap.
The sausage is so good I'd even consider the website prices to be kinda reasonable.https://www.bradleyscountrystore.com/
Downhome vs AppleBees

The climate, topography, property, and people are very different from Naples.
Expect a hard freeze during winter, rolling hills of red clay with canopy roads, small cities turning extremely rural, and everyone to have a more proper Southern politeness.

Tallahassee features "Country living" in a "Old Florida" kinda feel.

One of the noticeable features in housing is the wide range of building dates.
This area of FL has been occupied a long time, and by people of different wealth/tastes.

Naples is generally newer, and occupied by "newly weds and nearly deads" so expect prices to be higher.

If you like golf, steamy pavement, and "Bling" then Naples is good!
Personally I'd avoid Naples, or most of FL south of the "I4 corridor" because of traffic.

Naples is flat flat flat, hot as balls during the summer (coconut palms, USDA zone 10) insurance prices will be higher (HVHZ) traffic is a *****, and the people are all transplants of the mostly snooty variety. (maybe it's the heat?)
The Gulf waters are like a bath during summer, 85+, fishing is excellent, the Everglades are close (true Florida) and crime should be low since retirees wouldn't tolerate BS.

If you ever plan to drive, there is little point in being 5 ADDITIONAL hours South of Tallahassee, and in the middle of hellish traffic!

The main roads into Florida are I75 which diverges Mid-Northern Fl with 75 turning West and the Turnpike running the center, and I95 down the East coast.
I4 runs East-West from Tampa/St Pete to Orlando (epic sprawl) to Daytona.
I4 corridor is known for notorious traffic "Like the line at Space Mountain" (or a **** parking lot) and the same is true around any of the urban centers in my following statement.

Imagine an upside down letter u, with I4 as the bottom and the coasts as the sides.
Most of the population is across Central, and down the coasts South of Central.
Expect 25mph on the major roads at peak times.

As for some weather around here....The "Kissimmee valley" runs down from Central to Lake O, this is all "Seabreeze Collision" weather pattern. That means rain every day in summer.
Freshwater fishing is good in the valley, big bass, speck, and the flood canals offer good mobility between lakes sometimes being stacked with fish themselves.

Hunting is more spotty, people are strange here (afraid of rifles?) and landowners prefer to lease out hunting rights.
There is public land, much of it thoroughly stomped on!

I'm tired of typing, 5:30 comes aweful early and no time to proofread/edit.

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John in FL.
(Login gratewhitehuntr)

Thought about this. First answer, RENTAL. Second answer, Apalachicola Bay.

April 8 2017, 8:30 AM 

There are scads of rentals, in most parts of FL. Try a couple locations and see what you think (specifically whether or not you can take the heat/traffic/flatness down South)

Apalachicola Bay
Lots of fish in the bay proper, close to "Florida Middlegrounds", barrier islands like Dog and St George.

Out of the swamp.
Close to other states like Georgia for upland hunting.

Less hours to drive South.

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