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Someone's at the door

August 18 2006 at 10:16 AM
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Jose  (no login)

Hi guys. Just sitting here naked typing this morning. Let's keep the forum going. I look forward to reading people's comments in here all the time.

So, I'm wondering what do you guys do if you're nude and someone's at the door? Do you keep shorts, a robe, or towel handy?

I get a kick out of answering the door naked to guys. So, even if I'm not naked and some guy shows up at the door I'll do my best to strip and answer the door naked. If it's a woman I always answer clothed.

I love it when the men that see me naked at the door, are a little on the surprised side. However, the best response, which is very common, is when they comment things like; "you're the king of the castle, wish my wife and kids would let me go around naked, etc." Of course it's rare if a guy comes to the door to sell something or passing out something. So I also like to call for free in home estimates and schedule appointments early in the day 8:15 or 8:30 and pretend that I forgot the appointment you just woke me up kind of thing. First thing I usually say is something like, "sorry just woke up, forgot you were coming, I'm one of those naked guys at home, come on in, is it cool if i stay this way, or do you prefer me to grab some boxers."

So tell me what you guys do or would like to do?

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i always put something on

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August 19 2006, 3:17 AM 

I'm naked at home but keep shorts and t-shirt handy to slip on to answer the door. I have several pairs of shorts with no buttons, zip or belt so can be dressed very quickly.

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Answer the door naked

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September 12 2006, 9:40 AM 

I'm very "out" about being a nudist so pretty much all my friends and family know. That's normally who I'm expecting when the doorbell rings so I just always answer the door nude. Family and friends have come to expect it.

If it's a salesman, missionary, deliveryman, or repairman I still answer the door nude. My reasoning is that they're coming to my house and I should be comfortable in my own home. I've scared missionaries away but no one else has ever seemed to mind.


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Answer the door

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December 1 2007, 7:03 AM 

This has happened to me a couple of times, not recently. I lived in a large apartment building in the city, and my neighbor came up to ask if I would help her carry a carpet machine up to her apartment. I was typing away naked at the computer and smoking a cigar, and I hid behind the door as I opened it. She didn't even notice. Went inside and put on a pair of shorts and helped her with the carpet machine. Other times were people looking for someone else in the building...seems they always catch me smoking!

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Re: Someone's at the door

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December 1 2007, 9:30 AM 

I'm very sorry we dont get the mormons, and other religious door-to-door harassment, I'd be happy to open to these guys stark naked, just to check their reactions.

Otherwise, I do keep a sarong at hand, just in case....


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Close calls at the door

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December 2 2007, 10:04 AM 

I don't know if either of these count, since I was not actually nude when I answered the door.

The first incident happened when I was 12. My parents did not approve of nudity in the house. When I knew my parents were to be gone most of the day, I would take advantage and do my inside chores nude (such as dishes, dusting, vacuuming). Well, one Saturday while my parents were gone, the doorbell rang. Not knowing who it was, I hurried to my room and threw on some briefs, and grabbed a pair of pants. I rushed to the front door and opened it just a crack, so that I could tell the person that I would be just a second after I put on my pants. The person at the door ended up being a UPS delivery man. The guy said that I should not worry about putting on pants, and just sign for the package, because he was in a hurry. Even though I was embarrassed, I tossed down my pants and signed for the package and quickly closed the door.

The next incident happened when I was 20. It was a Friday night, and I wasn't expecting any company, so I decided that I would relax in the nude. Just as I got settled, a female friend I had not seen in years knocks on the door. When I asked who it was and heard her, I hurried by the bathroom sink and wet my hair and then by my bedroom to throw on some pants. Even though this was my first time freeballing in front of anyone, I Remembered what had happened when I was 12, I did not bother with the underwear. As luck would have it, I got an erection during the excitement. Trying to hide the erection, I tucked it up under my belt, hopping she would not notice. I apologized as I opened the door, stating that I just got out of the shower. Upon opening the door, I found that my female friend had brought over a new boyfriend that she wanted to introduce me to. After hearing me say that I just got out of the shower, she told me that I did not have to worry about pants, she had seen her new boyfriend in his underwear a couple of times (as he was just coming out of the shower when she came by). So as not to embarrass them with my real state of dress, I just said that would have been awkward. After sitting there talking for a few minutes, they both invited me to go see "Basic Instinct". I quickly grabbed a pullover shirt from my bedroom, and hoped it would be long enough to hide my still partial erection. I have to say that I was glad the theater was dark. Being 20 and watching Sharon Stone in those love scenes kept me Very excited. That was the only time that I freeballed in front of someone I knew, for several years. It was just recently when I found the Freeballers Forum, that I realized that nobody really noticed.

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always stay starkers

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September 19 2009, 4:52 PM 

I just stay nude whoever it is, its my home and their problem as far as Im concerned

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answering the door naked...

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August 2 2015, 5:22 PM 

I've answered the door naked for the Mormon missionaries, the Jehovah's Witness ladies, and the USPS letter carrier. Mail guy was the most receptive, I complimented him on his package... and said he could make a delivery in the rear...

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