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My childhood fantasy -- where could it have come from?

November 28 2012 at 7:26 PM
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Peter K.  (no login)

Apparently nudity has been an important concept for me for a long, long time. Recently I was thinking about a recurring fantasy I used to have when I was a little boy, about seven or eight years of age. I remember after having been put to bed lying there and frequently having these thoughts . . .

I had been removed from my family and sent to a sort of boarding school and this was a great honor. For at this school I was to join other boys beginning a course of bodybuilding which would turn us all into pieces of muscular magnificence. And once physically able to do so we would be required to impregnate at least one different woman each day. Upon arrival at the school we had to take off all of our clothing and turn it in for we would then be required to be nude 24 hours a day for the rest of our lives!

In our classrooms we would be nude and our instructors would be nude. And in addition to book learning we would have grueling sessions of muscle-building exercise, also done nude. And we would practice with our little penises, getting them hard and enjoy the feeling of rubbing them although nothing yet would come out when the good feeling came. We were told that eventually our bodies would all get so huge that when the time for impregnation efforts came we would have to be lowered down on our wife-of-the-day on leather straps operated by pulleys. We would have become so heavy that we would crush the woman if it weren't for these harnesses.

And I almost remember that on occasion bands of us would be sent out to perform some superhero routines, during which our nudity would not be an issue: it would be expected since we were Stud Cadets.

I look back at these fanatasies from years ago and find them rather laughable. While being nude for the rest of my life does sound enjoyable, and while I do enjoy sex and weightlifting I can't imagine spending the whole day doing that at the expense of anything else. But what I do wonder is this: where did these ideas come from? I had no brothers and other boys I played with never talked about such things. There were no books or movies or other stories from which these images were drawn.

My understanding of males impregnating females was pretty accurate at that time but I don't understand how I came to know how intercourse worked. And somehow I had the concepts of masculinity, muscularity and nudity all tied up together with the superhero element thrown in, too -- where ever did all of that come from back in the early 1950s? Could it be that much of this stuff is hard-wired in my mind or being? I'd like to know what some of you think of all of this and how I could have had such fantasies long before I had my first ejaculation, by which time these fantasies although remembered had subsided.

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Re: My childhood fantasy -- where could it have come from?

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November 29 2012, 12:44 PM 

I can't say I haven't had some "wild" fantasies, but not at 8-years-old, and 1953 was a bit before my time.

Maybe there a Jungian or two lurking around here who can enlighten you on all this Peter.

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Peter K.
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Thanks for responding

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November 29 2012, 6:02 PM 

Noel, thanks for reading my post and agreeing with me that the whole fantasy is rather strange! I agree, and have been somewhat puzzled by the whole thing for years although I'll admit that I don't consciously think of it very often.

You know, it's funny when you put something like this idea into words -- ideas about the topic keep on coming after posting, the mind works that way. And of course yesterday was the first time that I had ever put all of these ideas into words and had 'externalized' those thoughts that way. And thereby had a chance to think about them possibly with something like new objectivity.

One thought which did come to me afterwards which may have contributed to this fantasy is the advertisements which were run on the inside back cover or back cover of comic books back in those days of my childhood. Ads for Charles Atlas and George Jowett courses for amazing muscular development with a picture of the outsized and undressed male body featured along with the hype and the coupon. To my childish eyes these men appeared to be naked - the fact that they had some sort of brief on was immaterial, I didn't see it. I remember that I would remove these ads from the comics and then later take them out to masturbate to them. Not that I wanted to have sex with them; rather, it was contemplating their visible male muscularity which stirred awareness of maleness within myself, something which I wanted to enjoy and develop. Even though I was still pre-adolescent and my tiny penis although capable of getting hard was still not generating anything but urine.

And years later a well-muscled and handsome male body can still turn my head -- I enjoy seeing one and sometimes that can again stir up my appreciation of my own maleness and a desire to enjoy it. I still am not interested in having sex with another guy but should I come across a head-turning nude guy in the steamroom at the gym I may physically respond. He may, too, and it can be fun when we both move ahead to the logical conclusion of being in an aroused state.

Sorry, hope they haven't put you off. I may have wondered off the path of my original post and the topic of casual nudity but in the interest of integrity and telling the whole story I have included the above thoughts. At least the whole business is starting to make more sense to me now -- talking can do that!

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Re: My childhood fantasy -- where could it have come from?

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June 18 2013, 8:03 AM 

I don't think I read this thread when it was first posted but it's certainly interesting. I'm sure I've had and still have fantasies but none quite like that. Fantasies being apart from dreams, that is.

Supposedly we have lots of dreams but only remember the ones we are in the middle of when we wake up. Then five minutes later, it's totally forgotten. I don't think I have many (certainly not TOO many) dreams that have any nudity in them, either mine or someone elses. So I guess that whatever fantasies I have make it into my subconscious or wherever it is your dream factory is.

I often write stories for my own amusement and never for publication, with one exception. They always feature nudity in some form, naturally. I mention that because that's the subject of this forum. And typically, the nudity is "casual." But it is the theme of the story. Nude people. What could be more interesting? And of course, they won't be old. Once you reach my age, youth becomes the ultimate fantasy.

I once had an exchange of e-mails a few years ago with someone who was posting on another forum, which one, I don't remember. So I sent him one short story I had written. It was about stolen clothes, which is a surprisingly rare plot device on stores I have read. Anyhow, he had his criticisms. Let me tell you, writing a decent story is next to impossible, given how writing a decent post on a forum is. The hardest thing, at least with most stories I've started, is to invent a plot with a reasonable conclusion. But mostly it takes more time than I have.

But your fantasy is better than any of mine.

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