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Re: Girls and Communal Showers

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December 1 2014, 1:43 PM 

28 Years ago in my comprehensive school we were made to get changed after cross country in the school gymnasium, strip naked with all windows uncovered and walk past the girls in the corridor with just a towel covering our penises to the boys showers.

Year 14 girls changed in the girls changing rooms, year 13 girls changed in the swimming pool showers while year 13 boys changed in boys changing rooms but us older boys had to change in the gym. It would not be tolerated today but even so boys are still victims of sex discrimination despite the introduction of the Equalities Act 2010.

In the shower there was no soap, no flannel, no privacy in the walk through wash area and the floor was sodden with liquefied mud. Many schools today have cubicles but there are only 8 shower heads in a typical changing room so in schools where boys have to shower they still have to do the towel dance in the changing room.

Here are some schools that require boys to shower but not girls. I dont think boys should be forced to shower or forced to do rugby when girls can play hockey and remain dirty.


Outdoor Kit:

Green and black long sleeved shirt - Available from Drury Sports only.
Black shorts
Green long socks
Boots and outdoor trainers
Towel for showers (boys)


Boys' PE Clothing

Towel (students are expected to shower
after football and rugby)


Please Note: Every boy should be provided with a Towel. The changing rooms have excellent shower facilities and boys are encouraged to have a shower after P.E. or Games when appropriate. - See more at:http://www.parmiters.herts.sch.uk/curriculum/subjects/pe/pe-kit/#sthash.g8p3jHL7.dpuf


Girls' PE Kit
Swimming - plain swimming costume maroon, black or navy. Hat for long hair. Towel.
Gym - black leotard (optional).
Games - plain white or black shorts, navy kilt-type PE skirt (optional), white aertex top, white socks, navy knickers, trainers or plimsolls.
boys' PE Kit
Swimming - secure swimming trunks (not boxer shorts), Goggles (optional).
PE (indoors) - plain white shorts, plain white top, white socks, plimsolls or trainers. Towel, change of underwear.
PE (outdoors) - plain white or black shorts, maroon gold band reversible rugby shirt, white or yellow long socks, rugby or socker boots (for Winter), trainers (for Summer). Towel, change of underwear.

Here are other schools that force both genders to take invasive compulsory showers. Lets campaign for privacy and modesty in the educational sector!

Hobart claims that new guidelines from Norfolk council make showers mandatory but there are many schools in Norfolk especially in the cities where there are more muslims indicate that showers are optional and some schools do not allow showering at all.


All pupils take a shower after Physical Education in the interests of hygiene and will therefore require a towel
for all PE lessons.
• Verrucas are no longer deemed to be a reason for being excused from PE or taking a shower. This follows
new guidelines issued by the Local Authority.

This is a Cardiff Catholic school that forces pupils to shower and change underwear.


PE/Games clothing has been kept as simple as possible for the benefit of all concerned. However, separate clothing is required to avoid wear and tear on school uniform, to soak up perspiration and to avoid any adverse effects of inclement weather. It is clearly essential that pupils can change back into clean, dry clothes including underwear, after their games or PE lessons. It is also necessary for reasons of health and personal hygiene, that all pupils bring a towel with their kit for a shower after games.


Participation is compulsory as is a shower after the activity. It is important that arrange of kit suitable for all weathers is available. A sturdy kit bag is also advisable, especially for muddy boots.

The PE kit consists of:

1 pair of royal blue PE/football shorts (available from school); 1 pair PE trainers and football boots; 1 plain white tee shirt (available from school); 1 games shirt (available from school); 1 pair of white PE socks; 1 pair of royal blue football socks (available from school); 1 pair of swimming trunks or brief-type underpants as an athletic support; 1 towel.


PE kit
All pupils who participate in PE will be required to have a change of clothing and must wear appropriate footwear. Pupils will shower after PE sessions wherever possible.
Please provide a named towel and wash bag and ensure your child brings their kit into school at the relevant times during the week.


Each student will have his own towel and shower after every class unless told not to. NO student will share his towel with another student at any time. (If a student does not have a towel, his options are to shower and use paper towels to dry off with or receive a 45 detention after school). Students should not shower in their underwear.

Invasive rules that force kids to dry off with paper towels and not shower in underwear have no place in a liberal society. Pupils should not be treated as cannon fodder.

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Andrew Nonymous
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We never showered

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December 5 2014, 11:16 AM 

In the 1980s when I grew up in middle school we as boys changed in two large rooms together but only down to underwear and back. Had six coaches doing I think at the time three different PE times, so we would've been probably 50-60 boys -- in a school gymnasium with barely 20 shower heads, if that. There would have been no time to coordinate it all. Then in high school we just changed again, much smaller class numbers but still no time, as your class schedule had to keep up with the other class schedules for other students in the day.

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