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More (relevant) Horrific Events....

October 27 2005, 12:35 PM 

John, I suggest that you (or your Web Master) be proactive and monitor comments being made about alumni on your website... or don't post these comments immediately (delay them until they're reviewed) ...other (more professional) web sites perform such tasks.... this site should NOT be an exception.
The project you are working on reflects upon "Horrific Events" (as you stated) which occurred 30 years ago ....let's not create new "Horrific Events" by allowing your site to slam people. I understand that this message board is a medium through which you collect more info for your project but IT MUST BE CONTROLLED.

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I agree

October 27 2005, 12:40 PM 

I agree.... the content of this message board is going down hill quickly .... probably no longer a good way to solicit free info for this flick.

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yet Another Alumni
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Re: I agree

October 31 2005, 11:12 AM 

Some of these "posters" are out of control... please start to read posts before having them appear on this board.

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still yet another alumni
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re: re: I agree

October 31 2005, 7:32 PM 

Still, some of these people are making fools of themselves with no prompting whatsoever. I think it's kind of funny to watch people fall over themselves to get people to react to them and their stupidly petty things. Like anything else, these boards were started by the filmmakers with the best of intentions, and they have degenrated into name-calling and bickering, a way for the weak to strike back at their oppressed without fear of retaliation. I think it's great. I think it should continue. I think people that want to censor this stuff are mindless thugs afraid the real truths will rise to the surface. So I say, let people jab at each other if it gets at the truth. No censorship!

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Suzie Causey
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Eric's friends

July 14 2007, 3:46 PM 

I went to school with Eric (6-8). We hung out in the same group of kids. We were all devastated! At that age we just didn't understand, "Why Eric?" I still think about him from time to time. Call it what you want, they were all murdered and they are still gone. This really effected alot of people.

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August 15 2007, 2:03 PM 

I heard a rumor that this film is going into production this fall and Ed Begly Jr. is going to play the role of Harry. Is this true?

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used to be at the house all the time

September 2 2007, 12:21 PM 

I lived down the street at 8 forest ave..I remember going over to the De La Roche house almost every day. I would visit and help Harry's grandmother out. I remember going to the store for her all the time. She would give me old hats and old dress's to play dress up.The boys, myself and my brother bruce would play in their yard.Harrys grandma was like my grandma. She had her own room in the house and i can still remember her smell and how she looked.It's funny because i don't remember any of the boy's ever in her room when i was there.I do remember one day after school i went over like i always did, and i got to the driveway and heard terrible hollering from Harry,s Dad, I remember being very scared because i hadn't heard that before..I could see them at the kitchen window.I didn't go to the door that day.I don't remember the boy's ever being aloud at my house. We always played at their house.I was 2 years older than Harry, i can't remember the age's of ronnie and eric.When i would eat dinner over there it was always silent dinner. They never talked about school or anything.And the grandmother never ate dinner with then..I Don't know if it was harry or not but she was not treated well.

Diane (was schaaf}

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