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A Resident

September 22 2005 at 5:34 PM
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I think this town, well actually the people of the town are under an extreme amount of social pressures due to the location and "The Joneses" that live next door. It is a well known fact that the people, clicks and behaviors of this town are harsh and cruel.
This is probably true for most other towns in America but I can't say that it is like every other town because I haven't lived in every other town. Only one other and it was similar... but not nearly as harsh or irritating to live in.
I think people have a tendancy to play the old "this guy or girl has social leprocay... let's do something that would let others know we are divided from this person and yet be friendly to him or her when no one is looking so we don't get our butts kicked alone".
I believe that the schooling system, which I am not proud of, has taught us as kids that it's allright to be judgemental to those that disagree or speak out or are not "with the program". These innocent children become social castaways developing into lopsided teenagers and angry adults. As children we look up to these teachers and believing what they do is allright for all of us to do. And believe me, they do it now just like they did it yesterday.
I can remember going to Fieldstone and getting harrased by teachers with the students following in the same manner-without mercy, getting abused on a daily basis both verbally and physically and witnessing other children AND PARENTS doing the same to others. I can remember the coucelors doing NOTHING more than keeping their jobs safe. I can recall a teacher (who no longer works there) making me stand up on my FIRST day of math class. After I stood one of the first questions she asked me was "How does it feel to have no friends"... I didn't get it then and I don't really get it now. What was with that?
There are no winners in type of social setting. It's a cruel world and I lived in a cold town.
You can make the movie, but I think a majority have already lived it. It's old news. no one cares.

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Re: A Resident

September 23 2005, 2:29 PM 

Some one censored my message off the board. I will ask again. Does anyone know what happened to Barbara Stark?

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setting the record straight

January 19 2006, 11:40 AM 

Barbara Stark didn't live on Huff Terrace and she didn't have a horse. I believe you may be thinking of Barbaree King. She owned a horse.
I will tell you what happened to Barbara Stark however, but first, please tell me who you are.
If you are more comfortable to email then please do so to

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Bob Slater
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January 20 2006, 1:21 PM 

I believe you are thinking of John Starks & Billie Jean King.

Whatever happened to Montvale Swim Club legend Doug Mason

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A.C. Slater
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January 20 2006, 4:26 PM 

Doug Mason? Is he any relation to Anthony Mason of the Knicks? Or Dave Mason, who sang the song "We Just Disagree"? Or Vernon C. Mason? Or Mason Adams, the former emmy winner from the TV show Lou Grant? Or Marsha Mason from "The Goodbye Girl"? Or even Stu Mason?

Questions. Lots of questions.

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manson mason
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January 20 2006, 8:15 PM 

Mason Reese?

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Whatever happened to Doug Mason

May 19 2006, 9:52 AM 

Last I heard Doug was teaching school. I believe he was teaching troubled students.

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Laura Binkunski
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Re: Whatever happened to Doug Mason

July 4 2006, 1:14 AM 

Doug Mason lives in the midwest, is in the medical profession and remarried not that long ago.

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