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I visited the De La Roache Home May Times

September 2 2007 at 7:49 PM
Diane Schaaf  (Login Schaaf1)

I was very suprised to find this sight. I was Remembering may years ago when a friend who moved into our house on 8 Forest Ave,she called and told me that she and her family were on a documentary show about Harry and the murders. I used to live there many years ago with my Dad, Step mom and 3 brothers and one sister.We were the Schaaf's.We had already moved before the murders happened.And friends of ours moved in The bloomingburgs, linda , Laura and her two brothers. But I new the family well. They had a Grandmother that lived with them I believe it was Harry SR's. Mother but not sure. I called her Grandma, i was there ever day after school and weekends. I would go to the store for her, and just sit for hours talking and playing with her things. And she had alot. I remember she would give me old cloths and hats to play dress up. It's kinda funny but i never remember the boys ever being in her room when i was there.But as a kid you don't think about that.I would have dinner there many , many nights.But Grandma would never eat at the dinner table it was always in her room.I don't ever remember the boys coming to our house..My brother Bruce and i would be over there playing in the yard all the time. Harry Sr. never seemed to mind so i thought.I do know we were never aloud in the garage.I remember one day i walked over to see his grandma and i could hear terrible yelling, i could see in the window and Sr. was irrate with Harry, i don't know about what but i have never seen Harry look so scared.I never did go to the door that day. The Next day i remember all of us walking to school and Harry never said a word. I can't remember the name of the school but it was only two blocks down grand on the right.Harry and i were two years apart, i was older. I remember going to the Park on Christmas Eve. those were the days, I don't know if they were jahovah witness's but i don't remember the boys ever being there. Harry's Dad was very scarry to me, at Dinner time it was a silent dinner. no talking about school or how your day was. I really can't tell you if Harry ever told his Parents of the evil that went on in school, i sure know he would never tell his Dad. I remember one Dad Grandma needed something from the store and i had gotten in trouble at home and was not aloud to go for her.The next time i went over which was days later, she still had not gotten what she needed cause The boys were told she didn't need it, so I don't know if they were aloud to do things for her. I do know she was not happy there. It's funny the longer i sit here the more i remember about my life back then..Maybe i was eleven or twelve I'm not sure. My best friend on that block was leslie Hartman she lived Down the road. I lived only three house down from Harry on the other side He lived on the corner of Grand and forest. We used to go down to abes and get candy oh yeah we would get a buttered roll before getting on the bus..I also went to fieldstone with him..I really don't ever remember him being weird, Maybe he was quite, shy but really not weird.

Diane (was schaaf}

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1976 Grad
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You are incorrect

September 5 2007, 7:02 PM 

You would be incorrect about their religion. They were not Jehovah's Witnesses. Their religious back round has nothing to do with what happened. I know what religion they were but that is not important.

If you don't know something for would be best not to say it.

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(Login Schaaf1)

you are i correct

September 11 2007, 5:25 PM 

The only thing i was saying is i don't ever recall seeing them on Christmas Eve.I was not inplying religion had anything to do with what happen. I can not believe how hostal people are on this sight!!Fact is i always thought about going back to Montvale some day.But after reading all the post's of anger and hostility, I think not. And it's a shame because i loved it there.

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