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November 30 2011 at 5:38 PM
Paul  (no login)

Response to Prior to the Catalina

Is is not the intent of this forum to bash Chris Craft boats of any kind and I hope nobody thinks this post is doing so. It is a fact, however, that during the numerous transitions of ownership and presidential turnover at CC, various techniques and standards were used, and it is pretty clear the top quality boats are the oldest ones..........this quality is verified pretty much through the mid 19070s and then I personally lose the trail because our main focus is on the older classics.

It is my understanding (need to be verified with Boat US) that Boat US filed suit against Chris Craft due to call backs on this model. As I understand the issue, CC wasw taking short cuts by cutting the main fiberglass structural supports in order to install wires. This is obviously contrary to their present day and past performance, but I understand it did happen during a particular management regime and it was corrected as a result of the Boat US insurance claim action.

I would naturally be sure you were not looking at one of the boats built during that particular dark period of the otherwise brilliant CC history.

Someone please help me verify this, as I do NOT want to give out any incorrect info about CC or anyone else. As noted, I think you should contact an informed person who knows the history at Boat US.

As the boats evolved into the 1990s it seems the old quality was certainly gone.
The following is from the Boat US database, offered here only as a point of information, certainly due for follow up.

The 31-ft. Crowne is Chris Craft's
272 model:

1992 Chris Craft 272 Crowne:
07/27/92 Freshwater tank cracked, is leaking. Boat had to be
at factory to access & remove tank. Faulty bonding system caused
extensive galvanic corrosion. Transmission failure. NUmerous minor
problems. Owner wanted both outdrives replaced; replacement all head
thru-hull fittings; replacement freshwater tank; guarantee that any
undetected electrical problems will be corrected by manufacturer. Owner
says Chris Craft took care of all problems.

1991 Chris Craft Crowne 272 (CCBFT179D191):
06/11/93 Cracks throughout boat's interior, surveyor attributes to
manufacturer's defect: especially vertical displacement of liner. (Owner
also reports same problems w/ a 302 Crowne CCBFT180D191 owned by a
friend of his) Owner says manufacturer wants to make more repairs but
more problems are surfacing. He wants replacement boat. 9/8:
Manufacturer maintains that boat can be fixed.

1991 Chris Craft 272 Crowne (CCBFS102A091); twin OMC 5.7L King
Cobra I/Os:
01/09/95 Blisters: extensive on bottom & sides; cracks pt/stbd @
& strakes from trim tabs fwd. Prior to purchase, boat trim tabs were
repositioned 3 times & holes weren't filled properly, stress cracks have
developed in adjacent areas. Pt side appears to have been repaired
(why???) prior to purchase, repairs are inadequate & full of pinholes.
Corrosion on engine even though boat is kept in fresh water. Leaks
through rubrail into cabin & windshield. Canvas doesn't fit properly.
Owner has already spent several thousand $s on hull repairs. Chris Craft
is willing to pay for repairs but won't say how much, describe how should
be repaired or guarantee against further problems.

Sincerely, regards,


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