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September 12 2017 at 6:54 AM

Paul  (Premier Login FEfinaticP)

Response to Re: Rotation should tell if it has gears or a chain

Andy said: "It will be the same. If he spun it one more revolution, the dots would line up. Every other revolution, the dots are top/top. One spins twice as fast as the other."

John said: "My guess is that you have the wrong tin on the timing chain cover or the damper rubber has spun."

Andy said: "The crank spins two times for each revolution of the camshaft. When he pulled it and put it back in with the dots lined up, and the distributor out, all the lifters and pushrods out, then reassembled it, it is essentially in the same position as before. Once you put all of the lifters and pushrods back in, then drop the distributor in, spin the crank one time, it will be in the same position. Everyone said to check that the dots were lined to make sure it wasn't just a tooth or two off, which would make it out of time. If they were lined up both at 12:00, it was installed correctly already.

When the dots are lined up(top/bottom,12/6), that is NOT #1 TDC, it is #6 TDC Compression and #1 exhaust stroke.
12/12 is #1 TDC Compression stroke."

John said: "Hi Andy it's been a while since I set a camshaft, but from what I remember the dot on the camshaft is set at 6 o'clock and the dot on the Crankshaft is set at 12 o'clock, so that's two dots meet. Correct?"

Andy said: "Yes. That is the easiest way to line it up, but that is often confused as #1 TDC, since the #1 piston is at the top of it's stroke, which is right, but the exhaust valve is open, so it is the top of the exhaust stroke, not TDC.

When you spin the crank one time, the cam(bigger pulley) dot is now at 12:00 and the crank pulley is also at 12:00, this is #1 TDC. Both valves are closed at this point and the fuel and air mixture is compressed, ready for fire."

Dean said: "Since so many things have been monkeyed around with I would start over with the basics. Take the valve cover off the bank that has number one cylinder in it. The crankshaft must be at top dead center and you have no way of knowing that unless you check to see if both valves on number one are solidly closed. Pull number one spark plug out and turn the crankshaft in the same direction the engine is supposed to turn. In this case that should be with the flywheel going clockwise. As you get compression in number one, stop when the timing mark alines at zero. Both dots on the cam and crank should be right next to each other. Then check to make sure both pushrods on number one cylinder can be turned easily with your fingers. That would indicate there is no tension on them and the cam is in the proper place. Remove and re-index your distributor keeping in mind it's going to turn clockwise. Get the rotor pointing toward the carburetor as close as possible and that will be your number one terminal on the distributor. Pull all the plug wires off the distributor and start over assuring you have the correct firing order for the right-hand rotation motor. Check and doublecheck this it's important! Keep the distributor slightly loose so you can turn it as you try to start the motor for the first time. And you'll probably need to turn it slightly counter clockwise to get the timing before top dead center. Get the motor to start hopefully no backfires and then set timing with the timing light. At the same time 🙏"


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