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The 23 Commander is a rare bird. The model was one of two showroom models intended to bring in customers who might buy larger cruisers, and the 19-foot Commander SS was the other model. Of course Chris Craft wanted to sell as many of each of these small Commanders as possible, but the model line under the Commander name only lasted a short time. The 19-foot SS is the rarest of the group, only produced in 1969, and only 101 hulls were built. The 23 had a longer run, but it was only produced in 1968 and 1969, with another 25 hulls produced in 1970 under the Lancer Premier name, the latter of which were all 427 v-drive powered. Only 115 of the 23-foot Commanders were built during 1968 and 1969, and these models have a very clear difference of identity. The 1968 boats have a recessed rib around the forward deck and an upswinging center windshield, sometimes called the guillotine windshield. The 1969 boats have a smooth rounded forward deck and a side swinging windshield, both features also appearing on the 23 Lancer hulls of the era because the 23 Commander was a permutation of those boats. All 23 Commanders are v-drive powered, but they came with a 327F small block of 210 horsepower, or an optional 427 with 300 horsepower. The rarest of the rare in 23 Commander lore is the 3-seat model, which was an option provided by Chris Craft to just check the box. One such boat we feature here in our archives was purchased by a casino on Lake Tahoe for use as a water taxi, and that would have been one classy, robust, and smooth ride out on the big 300-square mile volcanic lake. The boat we are featuring here today is one that made its way to Sweden. It is powered by the 327F, which is a work-horse motor in the Commander fleet, used on many different models throughout the entire Chris Craft line, and my favorite small block motor due to its simplicity and awesome reputation for longevity. The boat featured here has an unique seating arrangement and it is not known whether the seats shown are original or something that has been retrofitted, but because they appear to be one-of-a-kind they are probably the result of a retrofit somewhere along the ownership patyway this boat experienced. In any case, the paperwork from the Mariners Museum document this is a three seat model, and we are pleased to showcase it here from one of our many international members. Click on the image or the link below for the entire story.

The very rare 3-seat 23 Commander !!

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The Chris Craft Antique Boat Club, a great resource and active network for just about everything regarding the vintage wood Chris Craft models, and fiberglass classics too!    The Antique and Classic Boat Society, Inc., with active chapters all over North America, conducting in-the-water boat shows and setting the standard of excellence for all brands of vintage boats!    Our National Mariners Museum, USA !   

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The LEGACY of the FIBERGLASS Chris Craft Commander (book) is out of print, stay tuned !   Restoration of the Fiberglass Chris Craft Commander !   Excerpt from the Restoration of the Fiberglass Chris Craft Commander book !   Classic Yacht Magazine, featured a Commander 38 article written by your forum host in the March/April 2008 edition.    Classic Yacht Magazine gave us great coverage on the 2008 Chris Craft Commander Rendezvous !    2011 Chris Craft Commander article published in Classic Boating Magazine!    A family owned mainstay of the Classic Boating world, produced with expert photography, format, and content!    Motor Boating Magazine, recently featured our Chris Craft Commander Forum, Inc. to their 3-million readers !   Classic Yacht Magazine gave us great coverage on the 2009 Chris Craft Commander Rendezvous we sponsored!   The BRASS BELL, Chris Craft Antique Boat Club publication !    Chris-Craft Corporation home web site !  

(Here is just a small sampling of what is in our MASTER INDEX FILE)!

1. Commander Models (and now Catalina, Coho, Corsair, and Lancers too !)...........Updated January 2013
2. Notable Restorations (Some fantastic resurrections, upgrades, restorations, and total rebuilds !)..........Updated February 22, 2008
3. Exterior Maintenance (A few tips for that gelcoat.)..........Updated February 22, 2008
4. Interior Refurbishing (How to really upgrade that old boat !)
5. Teak Refinishing (Only one thing looks better than varnish on teak!)
6. 427 Ford Marine Power (The largest selection of photos, scans, and tech tips for the marine 427 anywhere on the internet.)...........Updated February 22, 2008
7. Small Block Chevrolet Power (Photos, specifications, scans, tech tips, and a "how to" rebuild thread!)..........Updated February 22, 2008
8. Lincoln Marine Power (Increasingly rare these days, the big Lincolns are fine motors!)
9. Chris Craft Boats and Parts ~~~ FOR SALE ~~~ (by owner)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~UPDATED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~UPDATED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
10. And much more.

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