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Demonic Chaos

October 26 2005 at 7:51 PM
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Chapter 1 Finding

The sun was high in the sky as the group headed toward the river. They wanted to cool off due to the summer heat. When they got there Kagome left the group to go change into her bathing suit. Miroku was, of course, waiting for her and Sango to get into the water so he could watch them and think up dirty thoughts, like usual. Only problem was, Sango wasn’t showing any indication that she was going into the water. Inuyasha was just sitting along the bank, feet in the water, in deep thought, which was rare for him, and at the same time was sharpening the Tetsusaiga. Kirara was curled around Sango's neck, while Shippo was already splashing about in the water. Kagome came out from her hiding place and jumped into the water. Miroku tuned his attention back to what he thought an angle, forgetting about Sango and focusing on the girl in the water. Sango walked up and sat next to Inuyasha, repairing her own weapon the best she could with the tools at hand. The last battle with the bear demon had been very hard, and her Heriokos was damaged. As she tried to straiten out the dent's, Inuyasha seemed to notice her for the first time.
Need help with that? he ask.
Sango looked at him. I’m not sure you could- she was stopped when he just took the weapon from her hand's and started pounding at some of the dents with his bare hands. She was afraid he might break it, but was surprised to see some of the major dents were straiting out. After a few minutes of pounding, Inuyasha looked over his work, then nodded, satisfied with what he was able to accomplish. He handed it back to Sango.
Its not perfect, but you can still wield it in battle. stated Inuyasha, as he went back to sharpening his blade. Sango looked over her weapon, surprised that it wasn’t broken, but even more amazed the Inuyasha had taken the time to notice.
Thank you. she said simply, as she packed up her tools, then just sat there, next to Inuyasha, not saying anything. He nodded, then finished with his sharpening. After he sheathed his sword, he laid on his back, feet still in the water, and closed his eyes. Sango thought about it for a second, then did the same thing. A slight smile, barley noticeable, crossed both there faces, as they laid there in silence.
Suddenly, Sango let out a yelp, as she was almost pulled into the water. Miroku had decided that he was going to see her wet one way or another. Sango grabbed for anything that could help her stay out of the perverts arms. She ended up grabbing Inuyasha's legs, which inturn snapped him out of his trance. He looked down to see Sango holding on desperately to his leg's, with Moroku trying his best to pull her into the water. Inuyasha made an instant decision. He grabbed Songo by the upper arm's and pulled back. He did so gently yet firmly, not wanting to hurt her. In turn this made Miroku pull harder. This got Inuyasha angry for a reason unknown to him.
Let’s go Miroku, she's not one of your toys that you can play with and with that he gave a strong tug, which sent Miroku flying back into the water, and Sango laying on Inuyasha's chest. She layed there, catching her breath. After a moment or two, she noticed were she was laying. Inuyasha was just looking down at her, no emotion showing on his face, but his eyes were a different story. They were filled with shock, amusement, embarrassment, and something else she couldn’t place right away.
Hi. she said shyly.
Hello yourself he said as he smirked. Comfortable?
Sango blushed deeply. She rolled off him and got to her feet. Miroku was just getting out of the water when Sango walked up and using her foot pushed him back under its cold surface. Inuyasha only smirked at this, then went to find a comfortable branch in a nearby tree to sit in. Sango went and packed up her item's and placed them next to the rest of the group's. She looked over to see Kagome playing in the water with Shippo, when Miroku bounced up from under the water and tackled Kagome. Sango looked back at Inuyasha, expecting him to kill Miroku for doing that to his woman, but she could see from his face that he didn’t really care. She also noticed that he was staring at her, with the same look on his face that she knew was on her's. She guessed that he expected her to do the same thing that she was expecting him to do. They both stared at each other for a few second's, then smiled, and went back to what they were doing. The half-demon stuck in his mind while the demon hunter was stuck in her's.

Chapter 2 Two Broken Hearts

Later that night, when the entire group was sitting around the campfire, a question popped out of Kagome's mouth that would haunt two of the group member's for some time to come.
1. After we kill Naraku, and get the jewel back together, what are we going to do after that?
Miroku looked down at his staff, Shippo was already asleep next to Kirara. Sango was staring at the fire. And Inuyasha was just leaning up against the tree on his branch.
Miroku was the first to speak. Im..not exactly sure. Haven’t thought that far yet. Maybe it will come to me when I get there.
I guess ill go back to my village and try and rebuild something from it. Sango looked down at her hands, the memory's were still painful.
Kagome looked up at Inuyasha, waiting for his answer.
Inuyasha just continued to stare at the star's through the leaves in the tree. When he didnt answer her, she got aggrivated.
Inuyasha, what are you going to do when the jewel is put together
Inuyasha heard the aggrivation in her voice, and it annoyed him.
Why should I tell you? I already told you before, why should I do it again?
SIT boy
Inuyasha didnt have time to looked surprised as he went crashing to the ground, tree branch and all. He lay on the ground for a few second's, gaining his bearings, before he got up very slowly, looked over at Kagome with an unreadable look, slowly picked up the tree branch, looked it over, then threw it. It flew to the air untill it hit a large tree, and instead of sticking into it, it passed through it before it shattered. Miroku looked startled, Shippo and Kirara, were surprised to be awaken so rudly, Kagome looked...fearfull, while Sango gave him a look of...understanding? That was odd, but he didnt think to much about it. He just turned around and walked into the forest.
You shouldnt have pushed so hard. Sango said softly.
Well he should have answered me. Kagome said, still stubborn.
Sango shook her head. Like he said, he already answered you.
So now your taking his side?
I never said I was taking any side, just stating the facts. Sango said, annoyed now at the girls stubborness. Why couldnt she accept Inuyahsa's answer and not push any further?
Kagome just had her stubborn look on her face as usuall, then stormed off. Miroku sighed. Women, always so complicated. Nowonder why he was trying to bed another woman every night, much less trouble then sticking to one for the rest of your natural life. They could drive you insane. Shippo just went back to sleep by the fire next to Kirara.
Sango was in thought. Why was Kagome always trying to push things onto Inuyasha? He was blunt, and not all too friendly, but when you wanted in answer, he didnt beat around the bush or play mind games, like other people. She sighed. Out of the whole group, besides Kirara and Shippo, he was the most reliable. If somebody was down, he was there to pick them up again, not always in the best kind of way but its the thought that counts.
Just then Kagome stormed back to the campsite.
Im going home, ill be back in a few days. Dont bother telling Inuyasha. Im sure he's going to be sulking until I come back.
Miroko didnt acknowledge her in any way. Songo just nodded curtly. After Kagome had packed what she needed and left for the well, Sango went to find Inuyasha. She found him by the river, looking up at the star's again. Sango just stood there inbetween the tree's, respecting his privacy. She coughed once, trying to gain his attention. That didnt work. She tried three more time's to no avail. she was about to give up when she heard Inuyasha chuckle.
I can here you amile away, no need to try and hide.
Sango smiled, then walked up to him to stand by his side.
Kagome left for home. Dont know when she's going to be back.
Inuyasha only snickerd at the comment. Who care's. Im tired of her anyway. I tell her what I feel, and she gets mad. I tell her one thing, she wants another. And I have to do what she say's or ill either get sat or she will go hame for days on end and slow down the search. Im just so sick of it.
Sango nodded understandingly. She had noticed this latly, and she was getting annoyed with it. Latly Kagome had been snapping at just about anybody that didnt share her views and opinions. And Sango was just bout fed up with it. Now she knew that Inuyasha was too. But he did have a point. She was the only one that could sence the jewel shards. So they had to put up with her for now. Who know's? Maybe this is just a faze she was going through. Sango hoped that it ended quickly, for Kagome's sake, or Inuyasha was going to have her head, and no matter of Sit boy or Im going home would stop him.
Three days later----------------------
Inuyasha was pacing back and forth outside the well. It had been three whole days since Kagome had left and he was at the end of his rope. Sango, Miroku and Shippo were back at the village. Finally, Inuyasha had made up his mind. He was going to drag Kagome back here if he had too. She always took her sweet time, and he was so tired of it. He jumped into the well.
Apone appearing on the other side of the well, Inuyasha went immediatly to Kagome's window, only to find her not there. He went to the front door and knocked, ready to break it down if nobody answered. Luckly, for the door, Sota answered.
Hi Inu-
Where is Kagome She's late.
O...I think she went out on a date or something with Hojo, not sure when she'll be back.
Inuyasha growled at this, but nodded and went to the roof to wait for her.
After about four hour's of waiting, Inuyasha had praticly tred a path along the roof, so much was his pacing. He was about to go and search for her so that he could drag her back by her hair when he heard voices. He was about to jump down to show himself to Kagome, but another voice stopped him. He peeked over the rim to see who it was.
,od time, didnt you?
Yes I did, thank you for invinting me.
No problem, youve been so sick latly I thought a nice quite dinner would help relieve the stress.
O ya, about that, you shouldt worry, im fine.
O, I know that, but you do need rest. Here, I got these for you, these should help relieve any swelling you have.
O...well..thank you...I know this will do wonders.
Kagome had now reached the front door, followed by Hojo. The rest of the conversation he just tuned out, he just wanted him to leave so the Kagome could go back with him to the fetual era. After another six minutes of waiting, he had had it up to here with this. He was about to jump down when something happend. Something that would affect his life forever. Kagome...kissed...Hojo. Lip to Lip. Enjoyment. Pleasure. Joy.
Inuyasha kept watching for a few more seconds, not wanting to believe it. Then it hit like a ton of bricks. He felt a very familiar sensation well up in him. Betrayal. He turned his back to the scean that was playing out below him, and ran back to the well.. When he got to the other side, he made his way to the village. He passed the guest room's the rest of the group was in and headed for the forest.
The next morning Kagome came back to find Inuyasha missing.
Where's Inuyasha? He's usually at the well waiting for me.
Miroku thought about it for a second. I dont know. The last thing he said to us was that he was going to go get you and bring you back.
O..well I didnt see him.
Sango shrugged. Maybe he didnt go. Who knows? Well, he'll be back from where ever he ran off to. Secretly thought, she had seen Inuyasha run into the forest with hurt written all over his face. She had wanted to find him, but being to dark to see, she didnt bother.
Come on, Inuyasha will catch up to us. If he wants to be alone, let him. Miroku said, as he headed down the road, followed by Sango, lastly by Kagome, with Shippo on her shoulder. Kirara had gone after Inuyasha, at the request of Sango.
In the forest, a few minutes after the rest of the group had left the village, Kirara had found Inuyasha, sitting by the tree he had been stuck to for fifty years. She slowly walked up to him. He did nothing to acknowledge her, just kept staring at the tree. He didnt do anything even when she sat next to him, staring at him with those big eyes of her's. She sighed, or as much as a cat can, and jumped into his lap. She had to get him back to the group. As much as she hated to admit it, he was part dog demon, and they had better sences then cats did. The only reaction she got from him was a grunt, but nothing else. She continued to stare at him, until she finally put her front paws on his chest. He finally looked down at her, and just stared, cat eyes meeting amber. Finally, Inuyasha broke the stare. He picked up Kirara, put his head in her fur, and cried. Kirara was shocked. She had never seen Inuyasha this way, much less cry. And since when had she become people's pillow's to cry in? She let Sango cry on her, because she was her mistress, but Inuyasha? She wanted to wiggle away, but she couldnt. She felt that Inuyasha had been hurt, very very badly, so she just let him cry.
After a few minutes, Inuyasha stopped. He put Kirara down, and just stared at the kitten. Funny, she was called a kitten in this form and everybody loved her, but when she transformed, people ran from her, calling her a monster. He smiled slighty, then stood up.
Come on Kirara, lets get back to the group. And...thanks...I needed a shoulder, er, cat, to cry on.
Meow was his answer.
A few minutes later Kagome saw Inuyasha walking out of the forest with Kirara in his arms. It seemed like he was crying, but he would only deny it if she asked. She only shook her head.
Where have you been? Weve been waiting for you.
Inuyasha only gave her a cold glare before he turned his attention to Sango. He walked over to her, looked down at Kirara, who was staring back at him, and handed her to Sango.
Thanks. was all he said. Sango could have sworn there was a slight smile on his lips, but that might have been a trick of light.
The next couple of days passed slowly and uneventfully. The only differnce was the Inuyasha was colder to Kagome. He was mostly his normal self, but it was the small things the he did that Sango picked up. Like when Kagome asked him a question, he wouldnt answer it. When Kagome asked for his help, he would only do it if somebody else asked him to. But the oddest thing was that Kirara would spend more time with him, and he wouldnt object. It even got to the point where Kirara would lay on his shoulder and he would...accept it Without saying a word about it. Strange.
About a week or so after they left the well, they came across a village. The people welcomed them with open arms, due to the fct that many people didnt pass there way, and the group were the first travalers to 'visit' them in many months. It was about this time the two really bad things happend.
Kagome had dragged Inuyasha outside the village to talk to him concerning his attitude toward her for the past week, while the rest of the gang seperated to mingle or gather supply's.
Upon on top of a nearby hill, still holding his arm, Kagome got right to the point.
Inuyasha, what is wrong with you? Youve been treating me differntly for the past week, and I want to know whats up.
Nothing is up, can I go now?
No, not untill you tell me whats wrong.
Nothing is wrong Would you lay off
Not until you tell me why youve been so cold to me
No You either get off my back or something really bad is going to happen
Kagome was stunned. Inuyasha had never used that tone of voice with her, let alone threaten her out right. Inuyasha then ripped his arm from her hand and started his trip back down the hill muttering something about her being a 'wench' and betraying 'bitch.' That was it.
Sit boy yelled Kagome. Inuyasha went crashing to the ground, where he lay for a few second's before he got up, and looked stait at her. What she saw truly frightend her. His eye's had a tint of red, and purple mark's were starting to appear on his cheeks. Kagome knew instantly that she had crossed the line. She had gotten him so mad that he was going full demon on her of all people.
Jus then, Kirara appeared next to Inuyasha, where she jumped onto his shoulder and put a paw on his face. Inuyasha stopped his advance toward Kagome and stared at the kitten. Kagome was afraid for the kitten's life, but was truly surprised to she Inuyasha nod, then head back to the village, with Kirara still on his shoulder.
Stupid mutt, never caring about other people. Kagome turned around to see Koga standing behind her. She didnt know how she couldnt sence his presence, or how he had gotten passed Inuyasha's nose, but he did somehow.
Kagome looked back at the figure in the distance, and sighed.
Yes, yes he is.
Has he been treating you badly Kagome? Because if he has ill kill him for you.
No, no need to go through all that trouble for my sake. He's just been acting...differntly.
Just so you know, if you ever want to leave the pathetic half-breed, ill be here for you.
Kagome turned back to Koga, gaving him a kiss on the cheek, then hugged him.
Yes, I might take you up on that offer, but I cant leave Sango, Shippo, or Miroku behind because of him.
Koga only snicked, but feel silent. Unbenowest to the two of them, they were being watched by two pairs of eyes, one set amber, the other set red. Inuyasha made up his mind. He was leaving. He couldnt live with the wench anylonger and her backstabbing ways. He made his way back to the village, holding Kirara in his arms, with a cold, expressionless look on his face.
A few minutes earlar
Now where did that monk run off to? Kagome said she wanted me to get some food, spices, and a...tarp? What do we need a tarp for? O well, I need Miroku's help finding the right one anyway's.
For a few minutes Sango looked for the monk, when the second bad thing happend. She was just passing a hut when she heard the monk's voice from inside.
Lady's, lady's, no need to fight, you shall all have a piece of me inside you in the next couple of hour's, no need to fight over me.
O, Miroku, you are such a charmer, marry me now and be mine forever.
No, not her, marry me
No me Ill bear as many children as you want
Not her mar- Sango walked, nearly ran away, dropping the items she was caring in her arms. That was the last straw. They had made a marrage vow, and she had intended on keeping it, but not this time. She rarly broke any promises without good reason. This was a good reason. He had told her he would only flirt with her, nobody else, but he had broken the promise. She knew that he hadnt expected her to take it litteraly, but she had. She was leaving. She coldnt bear to be within a hundred miles of the pervert, let alone in the same group with him. Miroku heard something clatter outside and went to see what. When he looked out, he saw Sango dissaper around a corner. He didnt know if she had heard him, but he wanted to find out, so he excused himself and headed for there campsite.
Back at the campsite
When Kagome made it back to the campsite alongside Miroku, they both took there postions around the camp fire, looking at there 'partner.'Inuyasha still had that emotionless look on his face as he did earliar, while Sango had an extreamly hurt look on her face. Shippo was just looking back and fourth at the people around him, keeping quite. Kirara was sitting next to her mistress, looking warily at Kagome and Miroku. She had heard what had happend between Inuyasha and Kagome, while she guessed what happend between Sango and Miroku. From there looks, it was easy to put two and two together and come up with the answer.
Suddunly, Inuyasha stood up.
Im leaving, and am not coming back.
But Inuyasha, you cant We ne- that was as far and Kagome got, before Inuyasha looked at her with that red tent back in his eyes. He walked up to Kagome, looked down at her, and streatched his hand's to her. Not knowing exactly what he was doing, she reached up and to ahold of his hand. He only glared at her before swatting her hand away and grabing the jewel shard's from around her neck and ripped them off the piece of string she had used to tie them there. Kagome was startled, and was about to say something but Inuyasha glared at her again, shutting her up. He then walked over to Shippo, who was looking at him with some fright, but stood bravly infront of the angry demon. Inuyasha bent down and picked him up. Before Shippo could say anything, Inuyasha hugged him.
You know, out of all the time's weve argued, youve still been like a little brother to me. Take care of yourself. I dont want to be the one to put you in a hole six feet deep. I hope to see you soon. Inuyasha whispered. Shippo was just shocked from the hug, but from what he just said, it nearly killed him. So he really was leaving for good. And he had to admit, even after all the times they argued over pointless things, Inuyasha was always there for him, and had never let him down. Shippo felt tear's well up in his eyes, and not knowing what else to do, started sobbing. That only made Inuyasha hug him tighter, then slowly put him down. He then walked up to Miroku, who was only looking at him in confusion. Inuyasha had been ontop of a nearby hut, after dropping off Kirara, and had heard the entire episode between him and the 'lady's' and had seen Sango's hurt reaction. He only looked at the monk bitterly, then walked up to Sango.
Im going with you. she said simply. Inuyasha only nodded once, then turned and started walking toward the forest. Sango only took the time to pick up Kirara and her Hiraikotsu, and jogged to catch up to Inuyasha. The remaining two humans were too shocked by what had just transpired to say or do anything, untill Kagome relized that she had just lost Inuyasha forever. She despretly tried to think of something to bring him back, but only one thing seemed capable enought to do that.
Sit boy she called out, hoping that that would bring him back to his senses.
Inuyasha only laid there for a few seconds, waiting for the spell to wear off, then slowly got up with help from Sango. Kirara then jumped onto his shoulder and licked his cheek, her way of asking if he was ok. Three pair's of eyes turned slowly toward the miko, glaring at her.
That...is...the...last...time..you...ever...do that to me said Inuyasha slowly, threatenly. Sango only put her hand on his shoulder.
She's not worth it. she said simply. She had found out what she could from Kirara, who had told her in her own way, of what happend.
Meow was Kirara's heated reply, as she put her paw on Inuyasha's face again. He only looked at his only two friends, aside from Shippo, nodded, then walked away, Sango walking next to him.

Chapter 3 New Journey, New Ally

A few hour's after the groups break-up, Inuyasha and Sango stopped to set up camp. They didnt say a word to eachother, just went to work making a late night meal and getting the area cleaned upabit so they could get some sleep. Sango started to set up her sleeping bag that Kagome had gotten her, then thought better of it. She didnt want anything to do with the old group she had travled with. She was going to move on. So, she discarded the item and just went about setting up a fire. Inuyasha came back to fine her sitting by a fire, staring at its depths, Kirara already dozing next to her. Inuysha didnt say a word, just went about preparing the trout he had cought in the nearby stream. As they ate in silence, they thought over what had transpired a few hours before. Then Sango broke the silence.
So what now?
Well continue looking for the shard's. While were doing that well also save your brother.
If he get's in are way ill kill him. I dont...really care about that anymore. I just want to get the jewel back and get you some peace of mind. Other then that, I dont know.
Sango shook her head. Same Inuyasha. Worried about other people's problems before his. It was odd that he had given up his path to revenge the incident fifty years ago, but considering what happend between him and Kagome, she understood. So with Kagome doing that to him, he had also given up on Kikiyo. Funny, how one mistake can bring an entire jounry crashing to its knees.
Thanks...Inuyasha, for helping me with my brother.
Inuyasha looked at her with a odd look, then smiled slightly.
Shippo, Kirara, and you are my only real friends, im always going to help you.
The next day, when Sango woke up, Inuyasha and Kirara were gone. She shrugged. Probably out getting food or something. As she got up, she noticed that she was laying on a bed of leaves, covered by more leaves. She smiled softly. Nobody could say that Inuyasha didnt care for his friends. So she got up and cleaned up the 'camp' site, then went to the creek nearby to bath.
She was half way through washing herself when she heard yelling from up-stream, and it was getting closer. Suddunly, from around the bend, Kirara appeared with a large fish between her jaws. Kirara ran strait toward Sango, when Inuyasha appeared.
Give me back my fish, you stupid cat Inuyasha, not seeing Sango, pounced on Kirara. Kirara growled and started bucking, flinging water all over the place, throughly soaking Inuyasha.
I...am not...letting go...until you give...me back MY FISH
Kirara jumped onto the bank, dropping the fish, and retreating to the side lines. Inuyasha let go and grabbed the flopping fish, a satisfyed smile on his face. It was then that he noticed the amused and madly blushing Sango. When she had heard the two from upstream, she had sumerged under the water, with only her head peeking out, to make sure nobody trampled her.
Holy shit, Sango, what the hell are you doing here? said a very embarresd Inuyasha, as he lept into a nearby tree, trying not to stare at her.
Well, I was trying to bath when I was rudly inturruped.
Inuyasha pointed at Kirara. She started it.
Kirara only meowed, before she went back up stream to get the rest of the catch.
Well, now that your here, can you kindly keep your back turned so that i can dress?
Inuyasha snoted. Im not the monk, I dont peek. And with that Inuyasha went back to their camp to get breakfeast ready. A few minutes later when Sango appeared, fully dressed, she saw Inuyasha sitting near the fire, cooking fish.
Three hour's later, they came across another village. It was quite large, spanding a couple dozen acrea's or so. From the outside, it looked like a normal village, but when the went into it, everybody in sight suddenly got very interested with what they were doing, or in some cases, ran back into their dwellings. Inuyasha didnt pay much attintion to it, already knowing what was up. Sango on the other hand, didnt know exactly what was wrong.
Hey Inuyasha, do you know what's up with these people? They seem to be ignoring us.
Inuyasha just shrugged, so she kept quite, untill they came across the village chief. He was a wisend old man, standing near his hut, with a pleasent look on his face, but his eyes were wary.
Excuse me travaler's, may I ask what you buisness is in our little village?
Were just passing throught.
The little man nodded. Very well, but please, come inside and join me for a meal, we dont usually get visitors from further regions, its nice to meet such a nice couple.
Inuyasha just grunted, but there were the hints of a blush on his cheeks. Sango just nodded, not bothering to correct him. It was usually better to make it seem like your married in these towns, never know what weirdo's wonder'd around.
During there meal of rice and fish, Sango just had to ask the question.
Pardon me for asking, but we noticed that the villager's here seem to be...wary...around outsiders. Is there a reason for that?
The chief just thought about it, then answered.
Well, to put it bluntly, no offense intended, but we have been under attack from many demons in the past couple of months, so were always on guard. We have some competent warriors, so weve been able to hold them off.
The cheif looked down at the floor.
But a few days ago, someone, or I should say, something attack. A large group of are traders and shepereds were coming back here from a visit to the coast, where we trade fur's, wool, and grain for thier fish and salts, when they were set apoun by a demon. Out of two dozen, only three survived. All they could say was that it attacked with great speed, slicing anybody an its way, and for those that tried to put up a fight, well, it got brutal, tearing them limb from limb. They also sayed that it used magic or something, but it was quick and in short bursts. When we retrieved the body's for the buryal, well, lets just say that there was very little left to bury. There were two body's that wernt tworn apart, but they were so badly burned they couldnt be reconized as human. They chief looked back at the pair infront of him. That was the first incident. The demon's been spotted outside the village, but hasnt done anything. All it does is just stare. My guess is that its planning an attack or something. Ever since then, all the villager's have been on edge of any type of travaler, human or half-breeds.
By the end of the explianation, the three, including Kirara, had finished there meal. Inuyasha had been inthouth the whole time, waiting for the old man to finish. When he did, he nodded once and got up.
What happend to the survivors? asked Sango.
That's the oddest part. We had just found them and heard what they had to say when the ground around them started to crack, and then the most ghastly sound's could be heard. I cannot describe how terrable the moaning was, it was as iff the soul's of the dead were coming from hell itself. After a few seconds of this ghostly beings arose from the ground and started hovering around the survivors. Then they dove into their body's and tore the souls from them. Before we could do anything, they were gone. The chieften looked very shaken from retelling the account, and Sango could understand. With something like that around, nobody felt safe.
We shall kill this demon for you. It sound's like he's got some jewel shards, but if not, alteast ill get some practice in.
The old man looked at him with hope in his eyes. You will? O thank you Weve been so afraid of it that weve had to stop trading, so were running low on supply's. If you can get rid of it, we will pay you anything.
Sango just shook her head. No, we dont want your money. All we shall need is supply's for are journy after were done with this.
The cheif nodded. It shall be done Just make sure its dead.
After the small group left the hut, they started for the village gates.
This sounds like it will be a tough fight.
Yes, this is why your staying on the sidelines.
O no you dont, I want some action too.
No your not. From what he said about speed and burns, you wont stand a chance. Dont worry, youll get your chance.
Sango sighed. He had won this battle, but not the war.
About a half hour later, they were walking through the wood's, wary of attack.
So, what kind of demon do you think this is?
Not sure, but from what that old geezer said, it sound's like this will be a good practice dummy.
Sango was looking down at the ground for any indication for prints, when she bumpend into Inuyasha. She was about to say something when he put up a silencing hand, sniffing the air.
He's close.
Sango pulled out her Hiraikotsu and stood ready for anything. Kirara transformed into her large size, while Inuyasha pulled out Tetsugaiga. All three kept at the ready, wary of attack.
Suddenly, a ball of lightning (I would call it electricity, but I dont think they knew about that then) flew out from the tree's. Inuyasha jumped back, but not before a few sparks hit him. Kirara took to the air with Sango on her back.
Sango, you and Kirara scout from the air and tell me where this bastard is hiding.
Sango nodded, and started scanning the ground for movement.
Inuyasha, theres a clearing beyond that thicket of tree's, it might give you some space to move.
Inuyasha nodded, and then started jumping from tree to tree, heading for the clearing. He had just reached the clearing when a wall of fire appeared infront of him.
Crap, what the hell? shouted Inuyasha as he lept throught the wall, sienging his skin. Suddenly, a figure appeared in the woods. Inuyasha couldnt see him clearly due to the smoke.
So, more hunter's have come ehh? said the being. His voice held the threat of challange.
Show yourself, you low life. shouted back Inuyasha.
Man, you are impatiant now arnt you?
All I want is for you to show yourself so I can kill you and rip your head off.
That may be true, but that will only work if you can kill me. Personally, I would like to stay alive alittle longer.
Finally, most of the smoke cleared. Out of the clearing came the demon, but his features were hard to see due to some kind of cloak that was wrapped around him.
Wait, your a half breed? asked Inuyasha.
Pfft, your one to talk.
We were under the assumption that you were a pure blood.
If only I was, then I wouldnt have to deal with hatred from both sided. Now, are we here for a party or are we here to kill eachother brutally.
Ill take the killing eachother brutally part.
Well, its your death wish, and if I do say so myself, I would really like it if that woman and cat dont get involved, I really hate killing women and animals.
Whatever you say.
Inuyasha leapt into the air and brought Tetsugaiga onto the demon. Out of nowhere the demon brought two sword's to bear and blocked the attack.
Your strong, ill give you that. Stronger then the other hunter's. said the demon. The demon then threw off his attacker and countered with two quick swipes from his swords. Inuyasha blocked them, then attacked again. This time the demon side stepped the attack and jumped back a few feet. Just like before, the sword's disappeared in a cloud of smoke.
Giving up already? asked Inuyasha, dissapontment in his tone.
You wish. Im only warming up said the demon, and true to his word, he brought another weapon to bear. Exept this time it was magic. His hands were engulfed with fire, which were crackling with lightning.
Your tricks arnt going to work here. said Inuyasha, as he did another swipe with his sword.
Im not trying to use any tricks, im only using my natrual power. and with that he started throwing balls of fire at Inuyasha, who blocked eachone, but it did stop him from attacking.
Im sick of this, so why dont you try my WIND SCAR and with the he smashed Tetsugaiga into the earth, sending streaks of energy at the demon. The demon looked surprised, but then regaind his balance. He then surprised Inuyasha by smashing his fists into the ground and yelled out FIRE DRAGON and with that a large snake-like dragon rose from the ground and smashed into the incoming wind scar. Both energy's collided and then exploded, sending both attackers back a dozen feet.
Inuyasha was quick on his feet. He then pointed his tetsugaiga at the demon.
Not bad, but how about another go? and with that he sent another wind scar at the demon, who again countered with a fire dragon, and again both energys collided and exploded. When the dust cleared both demon's went back at it, Inuyasha smashing his Tetsugaiga at the demon, who blocked with his sword's. Finally the demon went on the offensive and smashed back Inuyasha with brute force. His sword's then again dissappered, only to be replaced by two short dagger's.
Let's see how fast you are. the demon said tauntinly. He then started to dast around the clearing, then he headed for Inuyasha, who had been watching him as much he could. The demon then started to zigzag toward him, being as unpredictable as he could. At unexpected moments he would dash in and make a few quick swipe's at Inuyahsa, who blocked asmuch he could. this went on for two minutes, untill Inuyasha had had enough.
Im getting tired of this, so have a taste of my BACKLASH WAVE and with that four tornado's of energy flew toward the now angry demon. All four hit with brutal efficientcy, creating a large explosian, leaving only a large cloud of smoke and dust.
Well, that’s it for that demon. said Inuyasha as Kirara landed next to him and Sango jumped off to stand next to Inuyasha.
Well, you keep surprising me more and more. said a voice from the cloud.
No...way... Inuyasha said as the smoke cleared, showing the demon stil alive, though shaken up abit. He was down on one knee, coughing from the dust.
How can you still be alive? said a shocked Sango. The backlash wave worked everytime before, and this demon had a very strong demonic arua.
The demon looked at them, then stood up. Now that there wasnt any smoke or dust clouding their vision, they could clearly make out the demon's details. His hair was a dark grey, almost black, with just a tinge of red along the brow. His eye's were piercing, but they had no pupils, only iris's, which were a brilliant red, tinged with dark blue. He had a large scare running down both side's of his face. It started from the forehead and then branched out to circle his face, stopping at his lower cheek's. He was wearing what used to be a robe, but had been cut to be a tank top and short's. His arm's were lizard like, black in color with red marking's streatching from the shoulder down to the wrist's. His hand's were clawed. Both arm's were covered in scales. His legs were the same way. From what could be seen, his leg's were also covered in scales, with the same colour tail, which he had wrapped around his waste. It was quite long, about six feet. It was had the same colour and marking's as his other limbs, but it also had a row of spikes running from the waste to the tip. But what astounded them both was on his back. What was thought to be a cloak actually turned out to be a pair of large wings. They were also scaled, exept it was much lighter, and instead of feather's, like most avian type demon's, they was leather like. At the joint where the wing bend's, there was a large claw, which he had used to keep his wing's together to give the appearance of a cloak. The stalk's were also onyx black, but the memberane was covered in symbol's.
You come into MY home, kill MY prey, cut down MY tree's, pullute MY river, and even go so far as build a village here. I gave you people warnings to leave, but no, this is what I get. Hunter's. As if what they had taken wasnt enough, they now want my life also. When will it be enough for you people
Wait a minute...your forest?
Damn right, my forest. This has been my home for year's, untill you people came in and stole it from me.
But were not part of the village. We were just passing through when the cheif stopped us and hired us to kill you for killing his people. Sango said, wondering who to believe now.
Ill admit, I killed a group, but that was only out of self defense.
You call killing helpless trader's self defense yelled an aggrivated Inuyasha.
The demon scoffed. Is that what they told you? No they wernt trader's, I dont harm civilians. They were a group of merc's and hunter's from around the country side hired to hunt me down and kill me.
So your saying that old bastard lied to us yelled a very angry Inuyasha, who was mad at the cheif for lying, mad at the demon for not dieing, mad at himself for being a fool.
The demon tilted his head alittle. To be blunt, yes. To beat around the bush, yes. To speak what my hunch's are saying, damn it yes. So without question, yes, he was lying.
Why should we believe you? questioned Sango, who was stroking Kirara, and looking the demon up and down. It was pretty hard to see if a demon was lying, but she thought that she was getting better at seeing the sign's.
The demon looked at her coldly. I dont lie.
Inuyasha looked back at the direction of the village. Im going to slice his gut's clean out of him and hang what's left abouve his house.
Inyasha was about to race off when a clawed hand grabbed his arm. Dont. Im sick of this place, and killing him, thought id love it very much, wont accomplish much exept more hate for half breed's, such as ourselvs.
Sango nodded. So what do you plan on doing?
The demon shook his head. Dont know. Leave this place. Travel the countryside, help out those that arnt afraid of half breed, dont know yet. Mostly avoid human's.
How about joining us? asked Sango. She knew she was taking a big risk here, but if anybody could be slammed with the backlash wave and survive, and if he wasnt working for some villian and wasnt after the jewel shard's, then it was worth the risk.
Inuyasha looked at Sango like she had lost it. Are you kidding This guy could be with Naraku for all we know.
The demon narrowed his eyes. Naraku...If I see him, his head's mine.
Sango looked surprised. You know Naraku?
Hell ya, he was the one that- at that he stopped. He looked abit shocked that he was about to say.
Did what? What did he do? asked Inuyasha.
Nevermind, forget I said anything.
Now it was Inuyasha's turn to grab the demon's arm. Dont tell me to forget it, what the hell did he do?
The demon gave him a cold stare. Fine, you really want to know? He killed my mother He was working with my father, so my mother tried to stop it, but he killed her. Stuck some kind of demon part into her and pulled out her heart. Right infront of me And all he did was laugh. Laugh So I hope this lets you understand alittle why I hate him.
Sango looked down at the ground. Im sorry.
The demon sighed. No...it's not your fault. Im just alittle tired. He looked at Inuyasha. Your the best fighter iv come across, it was an honour to fight you.
Inuyasha looked taken back. It wasnt everyday that he was praised for his fighting skill's. He just nodded, then looked at Sango.
What now?
Well, we could go back to the village, pick up some supply's, say that we hadnt found the demon yet, but needed a few thing's, and leave.
The demon looked about in thought, then came to a conclusion. If I may be so bold as to ask, but may I take you up on your offer? I feel like I could learn alot from you two...and the cat.
Inuyasha only grunted, but Sango smiled and nodded. Meet us near the forest edge near the village gates. Well go pick up a few things, then be on our way. Later on tonight we will get better aquanted.
The demon nodded, then for the first time, grinned. Not a big smile, but a small, knowing smile.
By the way, what's your name?
The demon paused, thinking it over. Chaos.
Inuyasha looked back at him, then simply nodded. Fine, Chaos, we'll be out of the village in about an hour, then we'll leave.
Chaos nodded, then set out for the desingnated spot. But stopped when Sango called his name.
Hey Chaos, would you mind taking Kirara with you? I think you need to get to know her.
Chaos only looked at the twin tailed demon, then nodded. He scooped the kitten into his arm's and left. Sango nodded. Now she could talk to Inuyasha about what he thought about this new installment into their group.

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Ur doin

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December 15 2007, 11:01 AM 

Ur doin good just keep wporkin I need work on my stories to...... alot of work now see my firned sar she is a awsome writer I want to write just like her

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