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I can't believe you have fallen for his crap. Haven't you been on

April 4 2011 at 7:10 PM

Response to Scary to think YOU walk among us!!

this web site long enough to hear all the stories and problems North Georgia has had? I'm sorry, if you like him, I feel sorry for you.

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  1. Oh My!.... They're Spawning : / ... - Anon on Apr 7, 3:35 PM
  3. Sounds like YOU'RE the one with a "Problem" here! - Anonymous on Apr 7, 11:26 PM
    1. You must have gone to NG, you can't spell "whine" is your stupid statement! - Anonymous on Apr 8, 2:46 PM
      1. Looks like the second graders have found the forum. - Anonymous on Apr 11, 4:57 PM
    2. Re: Sounds like YOU'RE the one with a "Problem" here! - Anonymous on Apr 8, 3:42 PM
      1. Go take a bath, your smell fouls the air. - Anonymous on Apr 11, 4:59 PM
        1. Where's the latest job CA has applied for? - Anonymous on Apr 13, 12:31 AM
          1. Agree. If it's soooo great at NG, why does CA apply for EVERY head coaching position? - Anonymous on Apr 13, 9:42 AM
            1. GREAT STATEMENT!!!! I don't think they can respond to that one. - Anonymous on Apr 15, 4:20 PM
              1. Here's your response - "Get Your Facts Straight! " - Anon on Apr 21, 4:18 PM
                1. Re: Here's your response - "Get Your Facts Straight! " - Anonymous on Apr 21, 9:16 PM
                2. You NEVER answered the question,. Why does CA apply for ALL open coaching positions? - Anonymous on Apr 22, 11:19 AM
                  1. If everyone knows, how come I don't, nor does my neighbor, nor - Anonymous on Apr 23, 10:19 PM
                    1. If you read this forum, you would know. People have listed seeing CA on campus - Anonymous on Apr 24, 10:12 PM
                      1. Did a search and found no references to CA being seen - Anonymous on Apr 26, 5:54 AM
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