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Beginner aspirant erotic lifecaster

April 11 2006 at 8:50 AM
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Hermes  (Login HermesPan)
from IP address

Greetings from Bangkok

I've had a bee in my bonnet for some years about starting to do body casting while travelling. Is anyone on this forum in a similar situation?....

1. Portable: No studio, and in fact living out of a suitcase

2. Discreet: Lifecasting of certain bodyparts is illegal in your country, so you must not be obvious. This means as much as possible buying locally made materials if possible, and certainly not importing buckets of half water. Powder would be OK, or buying alginate from dentists, perhaps.

3. Low budget: You can't order the $100+ kits advertised on various websites. Noty just yet, anyway.

4. No experience: And you prefer simplicity to start

5. Big plans: You want to be a Gauguin - politically and artistically. You have strong feelings about censorship and imagery. You intend to deliberately aggravate some people off while reflecting some of the beauty of real life.

My plan is to ultimately do full casts but wish to start with body parts such as faces, genitals, feet, breasts, buttocks, etc. If you are nothing like this just imagine you are an activist living in the USSR aspiring to learn some lifecasting skills.

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(Login HermesPan)

Searches fail

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April 11 2006, 9:07 AM 

I looked up several keywords and nothing came up on this site. However, going thropugh manually someone does have a marginally relevant posting. Although 'penis' is in the subject it does not come up in search function. The Intimate kit sold by life-casting sounds useful. However, it is targeted for, well, penises, not female pubic genitalia. I don't want to make sex toys or anything like that (internal molds) but I am curious as to why it is not marketed for female casting. Maybe it is the U.S. predeliction for lawsuits. One person out of a thousand gets a rash and they sue.

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Ray Hope
(Login bimmortal)

Re: Beginner aspirant erotic lifecaster

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August 8 2006, 12:33 AM 

Hi Hermes.

I might have a few tips for you.

There is a company here in Australia called Bodybitz that do the type of casting you are talking about. http://www.bodybitz.com.au

They sell kits, but I don't think they have one for just the female genitalia, though if you look at there website you will see they have cast plenty. They even have a pussy clock for sale.

I have seen them at some expos here. All they use is a little tray like container to hold the dental alginate between the legs.

If you know what your doing you don't really need the kits anyway. Essentially the kits have a container to hold the aglinate in and dip the body part into, some fast setting dental type alginate powder and some plaster powder.

So if you can get dental alginate and some plaster you should be fine. Have some imagination with the containers. Plastic softdrink bottles for a mans bits, round 20 Litre plastic laundry tubs for butts and boobs. Just vist the some local stores and look at all the different plastic containers, buckets etc. You should be able to find one for just about any bit.

I have used this method to cast some butts and even my back. There are some pictures of the casts and the moulds on my web site, www.bimmortal.com.

I don't like the dipping method to mould boobs, because I think it distorts the shape having them hang. For this I prefer to use the slower setting alginates. You need to be able to mix it thick so it stays on the model and still have anough time to spread it over the body. I have used the slow setting aglinate from ArtMolds with good results, and have just recieved some of their fibregel which I am looking forward to using.

Hope this helps

Ray Hope

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(no login)

Re: Beginner aspirant erotic lifecaster

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December 11 2006, 10:42 PM 

There is generally nothing for the INTERNALS due to chemical responses as mentioned. However, there are kits made for outer portions of the female genitalia available. Now, it is possible to use dental damming material internally and make castings that way, but still is not recommended by any means.

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