Daughter missing education due to petit mal seizures

by B.

I have a 9 1/2 year old daughter who is in the 3rd grade. She has always struggled in school to make c's and d's. We have
had her tested through the school. She came out being about "average" in all her tests. Then, we found out that she suffers
from Petit Mal Seizures (silent seizures of the brain, that make them "zone out", for a few seconds, at a time). Which, this
would be a very good reason why she's had to struggle. Her neurologist put her on medication. It helped somewhat but, not
like what he lead me to believe it would. So, then he upped her dosage. Still no real help. Now, he's saying that although
she has this problem, that he cannot up the dosage anymore (which I agree with, also) but, that maybe there is another
reason she is having trouble learning but, he doesn't know what it could be. I just yesterday got a note home from her
teacher, y-e-t a-g-a-i-n (every year it's the same thing all year long)... "She's not focusing, or she acts like she doesn't even
know what the heck is going on or where she's even at, when she is called upon." So, I have a conference tomorrow. I am
at my wit's end. My husband and I take turns helping her every night with homework, so the frustration doesn't build up too
much on either of us. But, I tell you what, after last night's homework, all three of us wanted to cry our eyes out. We always
try to be supportive but, the worry of her not making it to another grade is bearing down on us like nothing we've ever
faced before. (She's already been held back once. ) And, it's not a behavior or emotional issue. She's a very well-behaved,
emotionally secure little girl. This is our only problem but, it's such a big problem. What do you do when the doctors are
throwing their hands up in the air and the teachers are starting to wonder if maybe she DOESN'T get the help she needs at
home. I could just cry all day and all night. Is it possible for a child to actually reach a certain level and then just stop
learning in school altogether? I mean ---even in other aspects of her life (EX.) She never knows what day it is, forgets her
birthday the same day we've told her when it is, CAN NOT comprehend that a $20 bill is more than two one dollar bills,
still doesn't understand why when Saturday comes, it's automatic that she doesn't go to school, can not learn how to tell
time, still can not make something as easy as chocolate milk---even after I have shown her how every day for the past 3
years---she forgets.) She forgets but, is not irresponsible---if that makes any sense. She even forgets why the bell is ringing
in school---like if it's time to go home, or time for recess. She knows it's time for something but, can't comprehend which.
All of these things I have mentioned, we have worked, and worked, and worked on, with her, on a daily basis but, still
nothing. No understanding, at all. And, I actually SEE her STRUGGLE so badly to understand. I am just trying to give
examples so that maybe someone can recognize this and give me an idea or two. You see, these are all things that even my
6 yr. old can comprehend. My daughter will be 10 in January and I want so badly to help her because I know she is also
frustrated but, I don't know what else to do. To look at her and talk to her, you may never even know that she had a
problem. She's "normal" in every other way but, this. And, I don't know what to do anymore. I just don't. B.

Posted on Nov 28, 1999, 11:42 PM
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