Here's what I did (as a tutor)

by Tracy Sherwood

I have been a tutor for over 25 years and have had a few children who experienced petit seizures while in class and in
their tutoring sessions. They were all on low doses of medication and when weened off made much faster progress.
Specializing in concentration drills, I was successful in applying these drills to bring out focus for longer and longer
periods of time getting more and more out of our session. Here's what I did with them.

I put two chairs facing one another. We each sat in a chair and the student was to do nothing but be there comfortably with
eyes closed. We did this starting with about thirty seconds and over a period of about 10 sessions worked up to at least an
hour. There was no moving, no laughing (this took a little practice and patience), and no opening of the eyes. I explained to
the student that I just wanted him to practice listening to the sounds in the room, and being aware. Not thinking of the past
or future, just right now this moment. Now what happened in the beginning in every case, was that the student could not do
this. I gently let them know I understood and we just made a target of so many seconds or minutes and then they received a
star. As they continued, I could see their eyes twitching, wanting to open etc. I would gently tell them, "You are doing so
good... just a little more... Wow, you're so good at this" This would make them want to try a little more and gain more and
more ability to do this. Their time gradually increased and it became easier and easier. Now doing this actually brought on
MORE frequent petit seizures at first. I didn't interrupt the seizure by talking or even moving. I just let it take its course and
waited it out. When the student returned from the seizure, I maintained my position as though it had never taken place and
continued the drill. The seizures often came three to four times more frequently than normal when doing this drill.
Sometimes the student would stay gone longer almost as though unconsious and sometimes not even trembling from the
seizure. After several sessions, they began to shorten. Then they came less often. Then we would get through an occasional
session with no seizure at all. With persistence, we reduced the seizure lengths and frequencies so much that the doctor
was able to stop the medication. But the drills continued until there were no more seizures during sessions and those
during school were rare. The learning took off. Now this is not a medical therapy. It is spiritual and requires tremendous
patience and gentleness on the part of the tutor or parent. If you cannot have endless patience and gentleness, I advise
against doing this spiritual therapy. I expect many kind flames from this posting, but that's ok. It's something that would
have to be seen to be believed. But what if, just what if... this works? If you read the book Dianetics, you will understand
the mechanics of this. I have never experienced a child whose seizure advanced into more severe seizures. If this should
ever occur, be prepared and know what to do medically. Do not try to let the seizure run its course as typical dangers from
more severe seizures could occur. To repeat, it never happened to me but I only did this therapy with children who had
only petit seizures. I have heard that increasing medication can bring on more severe seizures. This can be confirmed with
a little research.

Tracy Sherwood

Posted on Nov 28, 1999, 11:45 PM
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