Sat's Grats...Principles #6 and 7...

by rell


I am grateful for these Principles of Miracles:

6. {{{Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.}}} I am not observing a change in my perceptions on these Abe workshops, as my actions are still in the stinky stage on my workshop wants. I want the two to go together. I want something great and noticible to occur!

Yet, 7. {{{Miracles are everyone’s right, but purification is necessary first.}}} I am thinking this is what the Abe workshops do. But you know me, {{{I can think what I want to, it just may not make it so.}}} And I am counting on the workshops coming into fruition regardless of the time factor.

I am grateful for going to dinner with my age friends and on to the movie, “Indecent Cruelty.” It was a hoot. I laughed all the way through at the sleezy Divorce attorneys getting sleezed.

I am grateful for the good friendships developed from this group…12 of us are going to Branson, MO all next week. We will be dining at a table for 12 nearly 3 times a day…what enlightenment?

I am grateful to be getting my flowers winterized and inside the house. The geraniums will bloom their beautiful reds all winter. They are the same color as the redbirds…I wonder if redbirds are ever caged for pets? No, I would not do this. But God, they’d be gorgeous!

I and Churchill are grateful for beautiful colors. I wonder if I’d be dull if there was no color in my life? I am grateful that ACIM is so colorful to me. Inner Peace with such wonderful colorful thoughts of higher consciousness exploding colors in my mind…like a big fire works of art in all directions. Purple seems to be so intense. Perhaps I’ll design huge brilliant purple synchronized fireballs…to continuously blast colors forever…

Me? Perhaps this is a heavenly event! I sure get carried away when I explore the Color Wheels of my mind on this earthly plain. I wonder just what Jesus would say? “Oh, rellalou, slow down…” or, “Wait for me, rellalou!”

I am so grateful that the course explains Jesus as my elder brother whose concerns and compassion for me is sharing with me how to walk as he walked, love as he loved, play as he played. To feel joyous and to have inner peace as he did…to know that I am not separated from God…and I do not have to do anything to “get this” …that I already have “it.” It is for the knowing or for loving every one as he did…Not one idea of “guilting” enters our minds. The religion’s Jesus just cant get to me. The non-guilting course Jesus already did…rell

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